Alec Baldwin's TSA Twitter Tirade


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Alec Baldwin isn't a happy camper. On his way back from the Bahamas with wife and 5-month-old daughter, the actor took to Twitter to explain why his trip back from the Bahamas wasn't full of sunshine.

On the flight back to the U.S. he found himself a little aggravated with the TSA, saying that his daughter Carmen was selected for a pat down.

It turns out however that Baldwin didn't exactly point the finger at the right people during his Twitter tirade.

A Homeland Security official contacted NBC News to tell them that the TSA doesn't do screenings in the Bahamas because they are not part of the United States contradicting Baldwin's angry hashtag.

Instead, the group of islands are considered its own country leaving the screenings to the Nassau Airport Authority.

Baldwin tried to make it right by once again addressing the TSA through Twitter saying, "So the people that patted down my daughter were not TSA, though we were inbound to the US. Got it. Got it. No, really.... I got it."

Image Via YouTube