Alan Jackson's Daughter Arrested After Smacking Cop

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Alan Jackson is an iconic name in the country music world, so when his daughter was confronted with a police presence in Nashville recently, she dropped that name with no hesitation. Unfortunately for her, it didn't work.

Alexandra Jackson was the passenger in a car that was pulled over on Wednesday and had allegedly been drinking; the 20-year old became irate toward the officer and refused to stay in the car when asked. She later hit the cop in the chest and was arrested for underage drinking and striking an officer of the law. Though she's since been released on bail, reports say she used her father's name as she was being booked.

Jackson's camp hasn't had any comment on the situation and the name of the driver hasn't been released, but she's not the first celebrity kid to act out recently; John Mellencamp's sons, Speck and Hud, were arrested earlier this month and are facing battery charges after they brutally beat a 19-year old at a house party. Hud, who is an amateur boxing champion, turned himself in after the victim filed charges. He will likely need plastic surgery to repair the damage the boys did to his face.

Jackson is also not the first person to pull the "don't you know who I am" trick when faced with an arrest; Reese Witherspoon did the same thing this past April after her husband was pulled over in Atlanta on suspicion of DUI.

Amanda Crum
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