Al Gore Doesn't Like SOPA, Either


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Did you really expect the "inventor" of the Internet to agree with a bill that's so potentially damaging to the foundation on which the web resides, even if he himself doesn't know anything about DNS? Truth be told, considering the fact that Al Gore is a Harvard graduate, he probably has a very good idea about the potential threats the oft-discussed protection acts pose to both the structure of the Internet and various freedoms of expression.

In fact, from Gore's perspective, "there is hardly anything as important as to save and protect the vibrancy and freedom of the Internet," which should provide all the insight you need to grasp the former Vice President's position. These words were offered by Gore at an event held by CareerBuilder, and, of course, there is video of his response:

While Gore is often made fun of for the "creating the Internet" stuff -- something he was actually quoted by CNN as saying -- the fact is, Gore played a crucial role in bringing the Internet to the American masses during his tenure as Vice President. While APRANET represents the true beginning of the Internet as we know it, the adoption of the Information Superhighway came about under Gore's tenure under Bill Clinton, thanks to the Vice President's advocacy.

With that in mind, it's easy to see why Gore is so opposed to the idea of SOPA/PIPA. While he acknowledges content creators need protection as well, he doesn't believe the current bills under review are the way to go about protecting them.

Too bad Gore's words, like most of the SOPA/PIPA opponents out there, will fall on deaf ears; at least as far as Lamar Smith is concerned.