AJ McCarron's Mom Rags Jameis Winston on Twitter


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Despite struggling in the first half of the BCS Championship Game, FSU quarterback Jameis Winston was able to lead his team to a last-minute victory over Auburn. Florida State beat Auburn 34-31, making last night the first time since 2005 that an SEC team hasn't brought home the trophy. During the post-game interview Winston mentioned a speech he gave his fellow teammates. While many people found the speech uplifting, the mother of Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron decided to mock how Winston talks on Twitter.

"I said, 'Guys, we didn't come here for no reason,'” Winston said. “I said, 'Guys, this is ours, man.' All the adversity we went through the first few quarters, it was ours to take. And like I've been saying, we control our own destiny. And those men looked me in my eye and said, 'We got this Jameis.' I said, 'Are you strong?' They said, ‘I'm strong if you strong.’ I said, 'We strong then.'"

If you want to watch Jameis Winston's entire post-game interview, check it out below.

There were plenty of posts praising Winston's post-game interview on Twitter, including one from LeBron James:

Dee Dee McCarron, who posted about supporting Auburn in the game, wasn't as impressed as James was with Winston's interview. McCarron posted a tweet asking if Winston was speaking English during the interview. McCarron deleted the tweet after some people called her "racist," but not before someone took a screen shot:

Here are a couple of the tweets that called out McCarron for her "racist" post:

After McCarron was slammed for her offending tweet, she posted an apology:

Interestingly enough, McCarron isn't the only one person connected to AJ being slammed. Katherine Webb, AJ McCarron's girlfriend, apparently "favorited" an offensive tweet and now she is being called a racist as well.

Webb responded to the accusations that she is racist on Twitter this morning:

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