Google Reviews Paused Ads

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Google announced today that it will begin reviewing paused ads the same way it reviews active ads.

"We’re proactively reviewing paused ads to eliminate unnecessary delays in getting your ads approved and ultimately enhance your ability to plan and manage campaigns," explains Lauren Barbato of Google's Inside AdWords crew.

"New and existing unreviewed paused ads will be sent through the standard ad approval process," she adds. "This means that paused ads will be subject to our AdWords advertising policies, and ads that violate one or more of our policies will be disapproved. If your paused ads were originally disapproved, it's easy to resubmit them to be reviewed again."

To do so, just edit and save the ad, and it will automatically resubmit to Google. Any change in approval status will be shown in the Status column. It will either say Eligible, Under Review or Disapproved.

"Just be aware that changing the actual ad (such as editing text or uploading a new image) is the same as deleting the original ad and creating a new one, so after editing the ad, any statistics will be reset to zero," Google reminds advertisers in the help center. "The same is true when you copy an ad to another ad group."

Google will notify the advertiser if there are any issues, and will instruct how to go about getting an ad approved. The approval process is explained here.

Chris Crum
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