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Don’t Overlook Voice Search in Your Online Marketing Campaign
The popularity of voice-activated smart assistants is gaining traction, especially with Apple hopping on the bandwagon with its Siri speaker due to be...
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How Social Media Marketing Improves Your Google Rank
In boosting your search engine ranking, it’s almost criminal to exclude social media marketing, especially given its pervasive presence online. ...
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7 Tips in Choosing the Right Digital Marketing Agency
Digital marketing might have already passed its peak and is currently on the downslide. In the future, it’s likely that robots and machine-learning ...
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5 Instagram Marketing Tips to Help Your Business Grow
It seems Mark Zuckerberg’s $1 billion acquisition of Instagram in 2012 is paying off, as the social media site is expected to hit $5 billion in ...
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Facebook’s Future: Video, Search, Messaging and VR
Facebook’s goal is to connect with everyone, yes every single person in the world. Not just that, but Facebook wants to connect to everyone at a...
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Virtual Reality to Change Marketing
Virtual Reality is in its infancy but will very shortly have a major impact on everyone, especially marketers. Every major tech company is focused on ...
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9 Ways to Get Your Content Published On Authority Websites (Outreach Marketing)
Introduction to Outreach Marketing Outreach marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on human-to-human connection and consumer psychology to pos...
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Google Sends Search Console Messages About AMP
Google is starting to send some publishers messages about AMP in Search Console. G-Squared Interactive digital marketing consultant Glenn Gabe shared ...
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Twitter Authority And Google Search
Early last year, Google and Twitter formed a partnership giving Google full access to the Twitter firehose, meaning that it could once again provide r...
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Overstock Hurt By Google Search Changes Again has had a lot of financial trouble over the years as a direct result of how its content shows up in Google search results. It is perhaps...
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Study: Local Search Gets Local Businesses More Clicks, Calls Than Any Other Channel
Facebook may be doing more with is ads to help local businesses, but local search is still much more effective. BrightLocal recently released results ...
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Does Pinterest Have A Place In Your Search Budget?
Pinterest is often thought of as a social network, and it is to an extent. You can follow people (including friends), and they can follow you back. Yo...
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GiantGator Launches To Be ‘Most Extensive Search Engine for Freelance Jobs’
A new freelance job search engine called giantGator launched today, aggregating job postings for freelancers from a number of sources including Freela...
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Infographic Looks At The State Of B2B Product Marketing in 2015
Kapost, the company behind the marketing content engine of the same name, recently released an ebook called The Blueprint of Modern Product Launch Mar...
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Flashlight For Pinterest Will Be An Awesome Search Feature If It Launches
Noted Pinterest marketer Vincent Ng (whom we recently spoke with about Pinterest marketing tactics) is pointing out that Pinterest is testing a new fe...
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New Google Feature Means Businesses Need Apps For Search Marketing
The world of search engine marketing is ever-changing, and it’s no secret that mobile continues to take over the desktop. Google has a new featu...
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Mobile Apps Mean More For Search Visibility
If your business doesn’t have a mobile app yet, it might be time to change that…for SEO purposes. Now it’s an even better idea to ha...
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Google Universal Search Trends You Should Be Paying Attention To
The appearance of Google’s Product Listing Ads (PLAs) in search results grew by 118% throughout last year, according to a new study by Searchmet...
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How Ranking Works In Pinterest’s Guided Search
Pinterest launched Guided Search last April as a new way to help users discover content with some nudging in the right direction. It’s basically...
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Zuckerberg Opens Up About Facebook Search
As you may know, Facebook greatly expanded its search offerings last month when it launched the ability to search posts. You can now search keywords a...
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