Google Adds More Features To Stable Chrome Build

People who have put off giving Chrome a try now have several more reasons to set aside their usual browser for at least an hour or two.  Today, three significant updates – Chrome Instant, the Chrome Web Store, and WebGL – all graduated from the beta channel to the stable build.

Chrome Celebrates 2nd Anniversary with New Stable Version

Google announced today that it is releasing a new stable version of Chrome, which the company says is even faster and more streamlined. In fact, Google claims it is three times faster on JavaScript performance than it was two year ago, when Chrome was first launched (it’s the two-year anniversary, by the way).

Google Releases New Chrome Beta

Google has a new beta release available for the Chrome browser with some new features. Among these, is a new user interface, which was previewed on the developer channel in June, including changes to the toolbar and omnibox. 

Marketing Lessons From The World Cup

IMB_2010FIFAWorldCupLogo Now that the Round of 16 is over and we are down to the final 8 teams that will be playing in the Quarterfinals of the World Cup – most of the marketing that has accompanied the games has been p

Omniture And Facebook Partner On Ad Data

Online analytics firm Omniture and Facebook said today they have partnered to offer marketers tools to improve Facebook as a marketing channel.

Initially the two companies will focus on the ability to automate Facebook media buying and access analytics that measure customer engagement on Facebook. The partnership builds on Facebook analytics the companies introduced last year to help marketers join the conversation and have more relevant interactions with their customers.

Google Wave Finds Fans At Clear Channel

Love it or hate it, Clear Channel Radio is pretty much inescapable; the organization claims to have a weekly audience of 110 million listeners, which represents about one-third of America’s population.  It could be quite important, then, that some people who work for the omnipresent radio entity have taken a liking to Google Wave.