People Don’t Buy Products, They Buy Stories

“Everybody has a different story in their mind, everybody went through different things in life, and that these numbers on our ads manager are not numbers, they’re people that see our ad,” says Malol.

Facebook is Helping Brands Skyrocket Ad Conversions by Turning Still Images Into Videos

Social media use is steadily growing each year. Research in 2017, shows that U.S. digital consumers spent an average of 2 hours and 15 minutes on social platforms every day, up 45 minutes since 2015.

How to Harness the Combined Power of Search and Video to Increase Ad Conversions

One of the most powerful ways for a business to drive sales is via video reviews on YouTube. Earlier this year Google made that even more effective by combining the power of video on YouTube with Google Search.

Benefits of Adding In-App Advertising to Your Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing strategies, like geo-targeting, are still important but brands and marketers believe that in-app advertising is the way forward. As a matter of fact, it has been estimated that global in-app revenue will reach $189 billion by 2020.

7 Most Attention-Grabbing Words to Use in Your Online Marketing

Words are powerful. For marketers, they can mean the difference between successful conversions or a failed campaign. Certain words can pique a customer’s attention while others might repel them.

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