Adult ADHD: What Non-Medication Options Are Available?


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It can be very frustrating coping with adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) symptoms.

Those who suffer from ADHD are constantly on the lookout for treatment options to help bring their symptoms under control.

Today a growing number of ADHD sufferers are looking for ways to treat the condition naturally as to avoid manufactured medications with potentially harmful effects on the mind and body.

Is it possible to treat ADHD naturally? Experts seem to suggest that it is indeed possible to relieve symptoms through alternative methods.


Did you know that getting regular exercise can improve your ability to think? Research has also shown that it eases the symptoms of adult ADHD.

Exercise contributes to the release of neurotransmitters in the brain. One of these is the chemical dopamine, which is directly linked to attention and thought processing.

Persons who suffer from ADHD are believed to have lower dopamine levels in the brain than the average person.

The stimulating effects of regular exercise is believed to reduce adult ADHD symptoms significantly.

Change In Diet

You may take what you eat for granted as it relates to your adult ADHD.

In actuality, your diet can have a HUGE impact on symptoms.

For instance, it's believed that adults and children who suffer from ADHD can benefit from a diet with plenty of protein.

Protein-rich foods (lean beef, eggs, nuts, dairy, etc.) are used by the body to create neurotransmitters. Protein can also help the prevention of blood sugar spikes-a contributing factor to hyperactivity.

It's important to carefully consider what foods you eat and how they affect your body and behavior.

Get Organized

The time used to plan and organize can apparently help reduce one's inability to concentrate and the sensation of scattered energy.

Take the time to create a daily "to-do" list and plan of action.

Be sure to focus on ONE ACTIVITY AT A TIME as multitasking is bad for concentration and effectiveness.

Seek Therapy

In addition to medication, therapy can be a very important aspect of ADHD treatment.

However, therapy must be more than simply sitting in a doctor's office talking.

Those with ADHD are said to need both practical and concrete help.

Therapeutic options are meant to help adults diagnosed with the disorder improve their ability to function and stay on task.

Psychosocial treatment options can help ADHD suffers get organized, eliminate harmful habits, and rid themselves of years of self doubt.

Although medication is still viewed as essential to ADHD treatment, these represent at few additional steps that can greatly ease symptoms in those who have this disorder.