Adrian Peterson Flattered By Steroid Rumors


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Anyone who has seen Adrian Peterson without a shirt on knows that he has muscles on top of larger muscles. In the steroid era of major sports such a physique is quick to draw presumptions about how the athlete was able to reach that point. Unlike other athletes however, Peterson welcomes the rumors and even finds them flattering.

In an interview with USA today the star running back was very candid about the situation:

“Seriously. Especially with the amount of work I put in. Guys say that to me, or if I hear someone saying that — it makes me feel good. When you know you don’t do it, and someone’s saying you do, you’re like, ‘Wow. They think I’m on HGH? I’m doing that good? Well, hoo! Thank you, Jesus!’ It’s a compliment. I don’t get mad about it at all.”

Rumors are no surprise considering that Peterson almost broke the NFL season rushing record last year despite missing the first game and returning shortly after injuring both his MCL and ACL. On top of that, he plans on rushing for what would be an NFL record of 2,500 yards this upcoming season.

While Peterson claims his body is all natural, he sees why others would turn to banned substances:

“People are trying to get the edge. The reality of it is, people are trying to provide for their families. People are trying to keep their spot on the rosters. If it’s something they can use that’s not going to show up, they’re going to use it.”