Adobe Launches Creative Suite 5.5


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Today, Adobe announced a new version of its popular Creative Suite software. The company has always aimed to enable Web designers and developers to produce quality products, and the new Creative Suite 5.5 Web Premium is no exception.

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According to Scott Fegette, Adobe's Senior Product Manager on the Creative Suite Web team, CS5.5 "helps Web pros work more efficiently and quickly without having to go back to school and learn a whole new slew of skills or technology."

While CS5.5 includes updates to Adobe Flash Catalyst, Adobe Flash Builder, Adobe Device Central, and Adobe Acrobat X Pro, the biggest updates come through Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Flash Pro. Through CS5.5, both Dreamweaver and Flash Pro enhance the workflow and sharing experience for Web developers.

"We really sort of tried to gear all of our work in CS5.5 just to make it much more easier for Web professionals to either transition their existing projects, sites, and applications to a multiscreen experience, or in some cases, just literally start from scratch with a green field, dedicated mobile project," said Fegette.

In terms of Adobe Flash Pro, CS5.5 provides a new feature called Scale Content with Stage that allows users to scale proportionately and quickly. In the past, it could take a long time for users to convert animations and movie clips. Through this feature, this same action could take a matter of seconds.

Adobe also made significant advances in HTML5, specifically its authoring tools and its support of jQuery mobile framework integration for browser-based content. In addition, it allows PhoneGap integration for the development of native and mobile apps. In other words, these improvements eliminate extra steps for developers and make their experience more seamless.

The company has also revamped its pricing and subscription models to give customers the latest versions of their software without being locked into 18-month cycles. Adobe is giving customers both long-term and short-term options with prices starting at $89 per month.

"The hope is that, literally, as soon as people get it installed and take a look at it, it's just immediately going to feel like a natural extension of the skills they already learned," Fegette added.