Adobe Connect 9 Launches Q3 2012, Gets New Features


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There are a multitude of options out there for web conferencing, but most of them do the same thing. One of the more unique options is Adobe Connect since it uses Flash to integrate presentations and notes into the conference. The newest version is getting more than just Flash support this time around.

Adobe announced today that Adobe Connect 9 will be available soon for users around the world. It's still the same Adobe Connect product that you may love, but the company is integrating more of their technologies into the newest version of Connect.

The major new feature in Connect 9 is the ability to create branded landing pages for those wanting to join a conference. The new tools also extend to creating micro-sites for event promotion and registration. No more will you have to RSVP events through a third-party application.

Connect 9 also comes with Adobe SiteCatalyst integration. This allows those who host conference calls to "measure the success of their webinars and marketing or outreach campaigns." It's the same technology that powers Web analytics on a massive scale for some major brands so you can expect a solid experience.

Hosts can also view real-time feedback through a new pod called the Engagement Dashboard. It's available for those running a webinar or virtual classroom. Since a major part of Connect is being able to send messages during the conference, the Engagement Dashboard will keep track of it all.

One of the more unique things about Adobe Connect is that it allows people to join webinars wherever they may be over a wide range of mobile devices. That's why Adobe is announcing Adobe Connect Mobile version 2 today as well. The mobile version now has better support for managing a meeting, sharing documents and annotating on whiteboards.

Adobe Connect Mobile also includes better support for virtual classrooms. This means that the mobile version can now use breakout rooms, raise-hand functionality and more options for sharing. In the spirit of sharing, Adobe has also removed the need for at least one computer to tie the conference together. People can now hold webinars between mobile devices. Imagine the future of digital schools - taking lessons on your smartphone from a teacher on a tablet.

The great thing about Adobe Connect is that you can try it free for 30 days. If you feel like getting your Adobe Flash-powered conferencing on, you can try it out here. While Connect 9 is not out just yet, trying out Connect 8 should give you a feel for the application.