Activist Arrested Loading Gun in YouTube Video

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Last year we told you about a protest stated in Massachusetts in response to a local ordinance against cursing in public. Offenses would be assessed a $20 fine. As Drew Bowling reported then:

Adam Kokesh, [a former Marine, Iraq War veteran, and libertarian activist] who organized the opposition rally, excitedly decried the government as a “bully” for passing such an ordinance. Kokesh, who actually doesn’t even live in Massachusetts but in New Mexico, said that the issue wasn’t just about the right to free speech. Kokesh has made a small name for himself as a regular anti-war protester and even … made a failed bid to represent New Mexico in the House of Representatives in 2010.

Now this week we learn that Adam Kokesh has found another cause worthy of his support.

The Washington Post reports that Kokesh has been arrested at his home for a video he made showing himself loading a firearm in Freedom Plaza, Washington, D.C., in violation of D.C. law. Kokesh had made the video with the intent of provoking law enforcement and drawing the fight over this law into the open.

Kokesh's housemates say he was napping when the police kicked open the door to their house. A couple of them were cooking in the kitchen. Police threw a flash grenade into the room, then subdued the housemates and cuffed them, herding them into a room. One says he was punched in the head and that Kokesh was kicked.

A housemate who saw the warrant the officers brought said police were looking for hallucinogenic mushrooms and the raw video footage that Kokesh used to make the video showing him loading a shotgun near the Capitol Building in D.C.

“We will continue to spread the message of liberty, self ownership, and the non-aggression principle regardless of the government’s relentless attacks on our operation,” said a statement posted on Kokesh’s Web site on Wednesday.

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