Acquisition Buzz Links Yahoo, Groupon


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File this one in "maybe, possibly, perhaps" category: rumor has it that Yahoo, with its history of dealing in search, advertising, and content, just might acquire popular deal of the day site Groupon.

Kara Swisher reported earlier this afternoon, "Sources said Yahoo has been eyeing [Groupon] for possible acquisition, which would put it smack dab in the hot space around local purchasing and consumer information."

And that would make a degree of sense, since Yahoo's been trying to explore new niches and Carol Bartz recently told David Lieberman, "It is far from a healthy, vibrant economy."

YahooSwisher's sources said that nothing's been decided for sure, though, and we're not at all close to the point at which possible purchase prices get bandied about.

The CEO of Groupon, for his part, didn't help to clarify the situation in a brief telephone conversation with Nick Saint.  Andrew Mason's response to a request for comment was, according to Saint, "Uggggggghhhhhhh!"

As always, we'll see what happens and be sure to report any significant developments.  One relevant point: Groupon raised $135 million in April in a funding round that put its value at $1.35 billion.