Accused Tampa Shooter Claims He Feared For His Life


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A day after being arrested for the fatal shooting of 43-year-old Chad Oulson, former police officer, Curtis Reeves is claiming he acted out of fear.

The 71-year-old "had every right to defend himself" when hit with an unknown object, which witnesses claimed was theater popcorn. The defendant's attorney stated in court today that the case against Reeves was "weak" and that it was the deceased victim that had been the aggressor. The hearing was reportedly standing-room only.

Judge Lynn Tepper did not agree with Reeve's attorney that the charges of second-degree murder was too harsh. In addition, his "ties to the community" also failed to convince her to release the suspect on bond.

According to those present, Reeves had been in the theater with his wife and they were seated by behind Chad Oulson and his wife, Nicole. All were there to see the movie, "Lone Survivor". While the previews were playing, Oulson was allegedly sending text messages to the babysitter who was with the couple's three year old daughter. Reeves felt the texting to be disruptive and asked Oulson to stop. When Oulson refused, Reeves left momentarily.

He returned, having allegedly gone to look for a theater employee. The two men argued about the texting and at some point a bag of popcorn was said to have been thrown. Witnesses say they aren't sure who threw popcorn, only that shortly after, Reeves pulled out a gun and began to fire at Chad Oulson. Nicole Oulson was wounded when she attempted to shield her husband from the shooting. Reeves was detained by an off-duty police officer and nurses attempted to revive Oulson. The effort was unsuccessful, and Oulson died a short while later at the hospital.

Multiple charges have been filed against Reeves, who it is believed will use a "stand your ground" defense.

Do YOU feel that Reeves was right to carry a gun into a movie theater? Is this a case of "Stand Your Ground" or is it a flimsy attempt at defending an indefensible crime? Let us know in the comments.

Image via Steve Finn