ABRAXANE Approved For Pancreatic Cancer Treatment


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Cancer is a serious and scary disease that sadly affects thousands of people. Many types of cancers are treatable, but advanced stage cancers and cancers that are in certain areas of the body are much harder. Advanced pancreatic cancer is one of the most serious and hard to treat cancers. But a new drugs called ABRAXANE has just been approved by the FDA for treatment for this type of cancer.
When used with another common chemotherapy drug called gemcitabine, ABRAXANE can improve the survival rate of patients with pancreatic cancer. It was previously approved to treat breast and lung cancer as well.

"The FDA approval of ABRAXANE for metastatic pancreatic cancer is an important milestone for patients. Our commitment to improving the lives of people diagnosed with this disease doesn't end here," said Markus Renschler, M.D., Corporate Vice President, Global Head of Hematology and Oncology Medical Affairs at Celgene Corporation. "Celgene will continue to pursue unique scientific approaches and invest in understanding the science behind pancreatic cancer, which may lead us to new therapeutic approaches, and importantly, support ways to improve the lives of people diagnosed with the disease."

The clinical trials for ABRAXANE began in January 2013. The trials showed that the drug increased the survival rate of pancreatic cancer patients 59 percent more than other chemotherapy drugs alone. The use of these clinical trials is essential to finding new treatment options and drugs to treat cancers and other serious diseases.

The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network suggests that cancer patients and anyone with a disease or illness carefully consider clinical trials when they are deciding on what treatments options they will use. New drugs are constantly being treated and a cure or successful treatment may only be a few trials away.

Image from Wikimedia Commons.