Abigail Hernandez: New Photos Released, Cops Ask for Help

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Abigail Hernandez is the North Conway, New Hampshire teen who went missing nine months ago and was reunited with her family on Sunday. Nothing has been said about where the 15-year-old has been or with whom, and no one from the family has yet to make a statement about the bizarre case. Police have now released photos of the clothing Abby was said to have worn on the day she returned as well as one depicting a camouflage drawstring bag that reads 'National Guard' on it.

According to New Hampshire Attorney General Joseph Foster, the Abigail Hernandez case is still an active criminal investigation. To some people in this small New Hampshire town, something is starting to smell awfully fishy.

"The truth often clarifies a lot of things. And will prevent rumors," Jameson Proko, who works at a sporting good store in North Conway, told the Associated Press.

Joe Downs owns a gift shop in North Conway. He remembers how frightened both kids and parents were when Abigail Hernandez went missing last October.

"I don't know how much this cost the town but somebody should come clean about what happened," Downs said of the heavy law enforcement search and investigative effort. "They didn't find her; she came home on her own, from what I know."

"I want to know where she was, where she's been for nine months," Downs said. "It should have been figured out. Everybody wants to know the truth."

North Conway Police Chief Edward Wagner said the search cost his department more than $20,000. That's a third of his annual overtime budget, and that didn't include hours worked by ranking officers who don't get overtime.

Abby's mom, Zenya Hernandez, received a letter from her daughter some time after her disappearance. Authorities never disclosed the contents of that letter. Zenya was quoted as saying on Sunday when Abby returned home that "today we are the happiest people on earth."

What do you think happened to Abigail Hernandez? Was her disappearance something she or someone else orchestrated? It will definitely be interesting to learn the truth when it is finally revealed.

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