Abigail Hernandez Found: Why Did She Disappear?


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Too often when a young girl vanishes from her community, the ending is tragic in nature. However, this is one of those rare stories where everyone is able to breathe a sigh of relief.

Abigail Hernandez, who disappeared on October 9th, 2013, has returned home.

The teenager was reunited with her family over the weekend and the Hernandez clan has also requested privacy as this time. The Hernandez family describe themselves as the "happiest people on Earth" thanks to the safe return of daughter Abigail.

The FBI released the following statement about the case:

We're just happy to see her home safe and sound, but we still want to understand how this came about and learn more about the circumstance.

The desire to know exactly what happened to Hernandez is one shared by all who struggle to understand how and why the 15-year-old vanished in the first place.

Was she kidnapped? Did she escape from an assailant? Did Hernandez simply run away from home?

There are numerous possible scenarios, but only ONE truth. The only person capable of shedding light on that truth is Abigail Hernandez herself.

The investigation into the teen's disappearance is ongoing, which certainly suggests that there is more to the story.

Attorney General Joe Foster said that details are to be withheld for now in order avoid jeopardizing the investigation.

The only information known at present is that in the fall of last year Hernandez disappeared suddenly from North Conway, NH.

She was last seen leaving Kennett High School wearing a dark sweater, black leggings, and a pair of black boots.

Hernandez had exchanged text messages with a classmate after leaving school. All contact was lost with the teen when the text messages stopped at 2:53 pm on October 9th.

A couple of months later, her family received a letter from Hernandez.

Now with Hernandez at home, it’s possible authorities may be looking for whoever could have been responsible for her disappearance last year.

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