Abducted Nigerian School Girls: 100 Days Later


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It’s been over 100 days since more than 200 Nigerian schoolgirls were abducted.

While some of them managed to escape, more than 200 are still in the custody of extremists.

Little progress has been made in locating or rescuing the schoolgirls, but United Nations special envoy Gordon Brown has promised that the girls will not be forgotten and the UN will not stop searching for them.

Brown said that he believes the location of the girls has been found. When asked why they had not be rescued he said,

“Because they’re being held by a terrorist group that is intent on causing the maximum damage.”

“And while I think they’ve been located, at least some of them have been located, they have been split up as a group, and therefore it is very difficult to rescue one group without putting at risk the others,” he added.

“It’s possible that some are in Cameroon. It’s possible that some are in Niger. It’s possible that some are in other countries now, and it’s also possible that the long-term plan of Boko Haram is to disperse some of them across the whole of Africa. We must show, in the international community, a hundred days after they’ve been taken into captivity, we will not forget, we will always remember the plight that they are facing and the dangers they are undergoing, and we will keep the torch for these girls alive and lit so that the whole world knows that we must do everything in our power to rescue them,” Brown continued.

Brown requested that people around the world offer their support to the girls and their families.

Several of the missing girls’ parents have already passed away due to stress from the kidnapping.

They need as much support as they can get and to know that their daughters will be returned to them safely.

Do you believe the girls will be found and returned home safely?

Image via Wikimedia Commons