Aaron Hernandez Linked To Boston Double Homicide

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Details from a search warrant filed in Connecticut show that former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez may have been involved in a 2012 double homicide in Boston.

The warrant does not reveal who pulled the trigger or the motive behind the shooting of  Safiro Teixeira Furtado and Daniel Jorge Correia de Abreu .

Abreu and Furtado were gunned down on July 16, 2012 after leaving Cure Lounge with three other friends when someone in a SUV pulled up next to their vehicle and shot them. The warrant alleges that Hernandez was the driver of that vehicle, a Toyota 4Runner SUV, which matches the one parked at the home of  Hernandez's uncle in Bristol. No charges have been filed yet and Hernandez’s lawyer was not immediately available for comment.

Hernandez, 24, has already been arrested and charged in connection with the murder of Odin Lloyd. Lloyd was a semi-professional football player whose body was found on June 17 near Hernandez’s Massachusetts home. He pleaded not guilty in that case.

There is yet another case where Alexander Bradley, an acquaintance to Hernandez, filed a civil suit against him for shooting him in the eye in February. Bradley does, however, have a checkered past as he is known for confrontations with police. Bradley was held in a Connecticut correctional center last fall for a drug-related crime. He also has a warrant for his arrest for evading authorities who tried to subpoena him to appear as a witness before a jury investigating the double homicide.

The latest search warrant was reported by the Hartford Courant and was filed in Bristol court. It details phone call recordings and surveillance camera recordings possibly linking Hernandez to the Boston murders. The surveillance video shows Hernandez and Bradley entering the nightclub shortly after Furtado and Abreu. Hernandez and Bradley then leave the nightclub 10 minutes later and Hernandez is seen driving a SUV out of the parking lot. Shortly after, the shooting victims are seen leaving the club at around 12:10 am heading toward the parking lot and Hernandez's SUV passes by them twice. According to a third man that was in the car with  Furtado and Abreu, a SUV pulled up next to them and shots were fired into their vehicle. Police now say that prison phone call recordings show Hernandez discussing details of the Boston murders between Oct. 4 and Oct. 15.

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