Aaron Hernandez Currently Not In General Population, Is Big On eBay


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Perhaps neither one of the following should come as a surprise, but for some reason, the eBay thing does, at least for me.

According to reports, Aaron "Watch How Fast Someone Can Fall" Hernandez, who is being held at the Bristol County Jail for the murder of Odin Lloyd while waiting for his trial to begin, has not been allowed to fraternize with the jail's general population, thanks to his celebrity status. That, however, may be about to change:

Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson says Hernandez will undergo another classification review Monday. If he passes, Hernandez will go into the general population of the jail.

Apparently, the hearing will determine if Hernandez' celebrity status is enough to keep him away from other inmates--ProFootballTalk reports the ex-Patriots tight end is only allowed out of his cell for an hour a day--or if his safety remains in doubt. Could it be that rival gangs members who share the same prison want a piece of the former NFL player with alleged gang ties? It would certainly be a way to make a name for oneself in the penal system.

In other, more depressing news, Hernandez memorabilia is a big hit on eBay has sycophants flock to the auction service, all in an effort to join the trend, and the conversations surrounding it. Now, I understand that whole "innocent until proven guilty" concept, but it is hard to believe that is the reason folks are bidding on Hernandez' gear. Take, for instance, the following auction for a Hernandez authentic jersey.

The listing started at $14.99 and has since ballooned to $162.50, thanks to a minor bidding war that has been going on for 35 bids. It should be noted that the winning bidder will being paying more for the jersey than they would if they bought it from somewhere like ShopFanJerseys.com.

Google still works folks.

With that in mind, there is a saying about a fool and their money parting easily, and I get the feeling this kind of thing being referring to. If someone wants to go to the wall with their support for Hernandez, that is obviously their right, but throwing money away just to be part of a trend is pretty foolish, especially when there are cheaper options available.

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