A Post-Apocalyptic Video With the Help of Crowdfunding

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A team of artists, including Rubidium Wu, Eric Stafford, Kettie Jean, and Rob Rusli has created an impressive video of New York City an a post-apocalyptic state. Standard fare for a generation raised on the Internet, a place where end-of-the-world scenarios are celebrated, right? Perhaps, but the kicker with rubidium's video is, he created his vision using abandoned buildings in New York City.

While there is some post-production work done on the video -- Autodesk Maya and Adobe After Effects -- the buildings used for the teaser were already available, courtesy of New York City. The result is a haunting look at a potential future, and because it's made using real buildings and locations, it hits a little closer to home. It should be noted that the first video, called The Silent City serves as a teaser of what's to come. If the preview is any indication, the final project should be a treat:

Over at the video's page, the artist explains the project is being funded with the help of Kickstarter.com. Donations are, of course, welcome. The project's page is located here. A description helps explain the artist's vision:

When an unexplained event decimates the human race, the survivors fight for their lives in the ruins of civilization.

A decade later, the dangers of the new world taken their toll. Hopelessness and isolation have felled many of the original survivors, and now one man walks alone, determined to endure against all odds.

There's also a explanation of what's to come, including an explanation of why they selected a web series as their method of content delivery:

The most exciting factor about the web series medium is its ongoing interaction with its audience. You, the viewer, can effect the story as it progresses. We want to take this to the next level, and bring you into the process by showing not just how we make films but why we make them.

Along with the 5 episodes we will be releasing in April/May 2012, The Silent City will be uploading new tutorials and behind-the-scenes videos every week from Feb 2012 until the first season wraps.

As indicated, donations are welcomed, with certain amounts receiving various rewards for their help. For instance, if you pledge $100, you could be an extra participating as a member of the zombie horde, if that gives you any direction the web series is headed.

If you pledge $500 or more, you can play a zombie that might get killed on-camera. As you can see, there are opportunities abound. I'd love to see someone like Tom Savini put some of his career earnings up to help finance this project, because with that kind of influence, there's no telling where a project like this could go.

H/t to Boing Boing for pointing this out.