A Handy Infographic About the Entertainment Industry Fearing Technology


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How many times has the entertainment industry trembled at the onset of new technology? Well, if you're talking about the the film industry in particular, and you answered "every time," then you are pretty damn accurate. While some of us who were alive during the age of VCRs remember the outcry and the subsequent Betamax ruling, the fear of new technology, which now manifests itself with the face of a content pirate, is almost ever-present.

The following infographic, which was created by Anne Rhodes of the Matador Network, details this fear of technology quite clearly, and as you'll soon see, it goes all the way back to the invention of 35mm film. Granted, the initial fear came from the federal government, but that too acts as harbinger of things to come.

The infographic in question:

SOPA Infographic
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Why is it every time there's a major advancement in technology -- the kind of tech the entertainment industry could use to expand its business -- the very same industry that could and should benefit from the technology reacts in absolute terror? Whether it's VCRs, DVRs, or even something like the introduction of subscriber-based cable television, the industry acts as if the new thing being introduced will sound its death knell.

Yet, time and time again, these reactions are overblown, misguided, and simply based on the fear of losing money, even though, most of the new technologies allowed for new avenues of revenue generation. At some point, you'd think the lesson of embracing evolution would be part of the business model, but clearly, this writer is entirely too naive.