A Google A Day Trailer Shows Off Google+ Integration


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Last year Google partnered with The New York Times to launch a trivia game called A Google A Day. The game has players use Google search to find the answer to different trivia questions that are updated daily. Google set up a website for the game that uses a special version of Google's search engine that leaves out real-time search results and other things that could tip the answer.

One month ago, Google launched an app version of the game on Google+ Games, allowing players to compare their times, scores, and achievements. A Google A Day on Google+ keeps track of player stats and places players on a leaderboard with their Google+ friends. In case you had forgotten about the game, or never knew of it, Google has created a new trailer explaining how the game works and how it uses Google+:

The game is a bit different than the web version of A Google A Day. Questions are split into three tiers of increasing difficulty and one ending bonus question. The questions come from six classic Trivial Pursuit categories: history, sports, geography, arts & literature, pop culture, and science. Answering questions unlocks higher tiers of questions, which are worth more points.

The stats tab keeps track of player achievements, daily goals, and what power-ups they have available for use. It also categorizes answered questions into each separate category. With the friends tab, players can challenge their Google+ friends to answer individual questions they have already answered.

And in case you don't know where the Games section of Google+ is, try the left menu bar on the site near the bottom. From there you can select the directory tab at the top and find A Google A Day.