Facebook Reunited Man With His Past

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Usually when we lose something it doesn't take long before we give up hope of getting it back. Brent Aguirre is no different. 46 years ago he received a class ring from his mother as a graduation gift. After only possessing the ring for a short time, it was lost; possibly at the bottom of the local reservoir, thought Aguirre.

Brent went on with his life and completely put the ring out of his mind. He joined the military, went to Vietnam, moved all over the planet including Germany and Korea. In fact, he moved nine times since losing the ring.

Working for the Air Force Brent eventually found himself back in Ogden, Utah where he originally lost the ring. One day while on Facebook, he received an unusual message from a couple claiming they had something of interest to Aguirre. Dismissing the claims as false he didn't look into the matter further.

The couple was persistent and sent another email to Brent describing the ring. The memories came rushing back and Brent recalled the ring his mother purchased for him; the same she had purchased for his twin sister. The man discovered the ring in a desk at the University of Utah and held on to it.

While the ring no longer fits Aguirre's finger, it is a reminder of the past and a keepsake from his mother who has long since passed away. I often wonder how many times lost items like this are recovered years later. What memories are hidden in these items? If they could be returned, what emotions would they evoke for the people who lost them?

Searching the internet I discovered a place just for such items. Lost and Found.com is just the place to find items lost in your community or in other communities. You report that you lost an item and others will report items they have lost or recovered. If your searching for that something you lost a years ago, or just yesterday, check it out.

[Source: ksl.com]