700,000 Androids Activated Each Day, Reports Andy Rubin

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With the recent release of the Galaxy Nexus and with everyone talking about Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and its future in other Android devices, it's a good of a time as any to talk Android activation figures.

And luckily for us, Google SVP of Mobile Andy Rubin did just that late Tuesday evening on Google+. Let's take a look at the mighty impressive figure:

Shortly after the post, Rubin clarified exactly what he means by "activations":

700K a day. That's a lot of Droids. Just a little while back in late June, Google reported that they were activating 500,000 Android devices per day. Just a few weeks later, it was 550,000. In just five months, that figure has grown by a little over 27%.

And just for fun, let's extrapolate that statistic. 700,000 a weeks means 4.9 million devices a week, which means over 20 million devices a month. As this rate in just a year, Google will see 255,500,000 Android activations.

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