50 Shades Of Grey Trailer Too Hot For Television


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If you were excited to see the full trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey tomorrow morning on TV, then prepare to be disappointed. NBC was going to show it all, but they have since declared it "too-hot-for-morning-TV". Instead, only a clip of the trailer will be shown, with the full version to be published on Today's website.

The rest of the segment will go as planned. Savannah Guthrie will still sit down with stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson. But there will be no full frontal sexiness shown on morning television via a new Fifty Shades of Grey trailer.

How will fans react to a toned down trailer? The International Business Times suggested that they may be quite disappointed, but may soon reconcile themselves in the subsequent interview anad tour behind the scenes.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Today managed to snag the first showing of the partial trailer on television because Universal, the studio producing the movie, is under the larger corporate umbrella of NBCUniversal.

Meanwhile, a teaser for the movie has been released on Beyonce's Instagram profile. The singer was previously unconnected with the movie and buzz has been brewing on whether or not she has a part, or if it's just a matter of the movie using her music.

Beyonce isn't the only singer who has been associated with the movie. Singer Rita Ora has been confirmed in the role of the sister of the title character, Christian Grey. She described the movie as "the biggest and most amazing shock ever.”

Those shocks may or may not be felt on television. But they will be felt across the internet this Thursday, and across the country in movie theaters next February.

Image via YouTube