400-Pound Running Back Takes the Spotlight


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Some kids are destined to play football like Tony Picard. Known as "Big Tone", the 6’4″ high school student is 400 pounds of tough football-fighting power where he plays as a running back and a nose guard for his school, White Swan, which is located in Washington on the Yakama Indian Reservation. (His ancestry includes Umatilla-Nez Perce Indian as well as Sioux Indian.) Though he lives in a small town and plays for a small high school (rated 2B), this has not stopped Picard from giving everything he's got to the sport and his team, The Cougars.

“Yes, I do have a lot of fun! Football is a way a life for me it’s in my blood and it takes quite a few to bring me down." Picard said before sharing, “Yeah I want to play college football it is my dream. I hope I can go the next level."

His talents have caused him to be the center of attention, yet the young athlete spoke about some of the difficulties having his powerful frame has led him to endure. “People say that (too big) but I try not to let it get to me,” Picard said. He went on to speak in greater depth about remaining grounded in spite of his abilities. "I just score and take care of business; no celebration until I have that state trophy in my hands," he said.


Seeing a talented young athlete of Picard's stature charging down the field with force, does not happen every day, which is why many have taken to Twitter in order to marvel at the unique skills this football player has.

[Image Via YouTube]