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Microsoft announced some enhancements to the Bing Ads Keyword Planner tool to give advertisers more insights into their campaigns. There are four new capabilities.

First is new competitive insights and benchmarking. Advertisers can now review relative ad impression share for keyword suggestions in addition to search trend, competition, and suggested bid information as previously provided. Advertisers can compare their ad impression share to competitor domains and market leader domains.

Second is customizable ad group and keyword bids.

"In the traffic estimates page, you can change the bids (in the 'Max. CPC' column) for individual ad groups and keywords and then see the traffic estimates based on them," explains Microsoft's Jessica Cui. "If your keywords have different bid amounts, the bid landscape graph will show the estimated performance and spend for each bid percentage change. To adjust all your bids by the same percentage, just hover and click on the desired percentage directly in the graph."

Third is a new source for keyword suggestions. In addition to seed keywords you can use for searching for new keywords, you can now input the URL of specific landing pages on your website (or your whole site) to get more suggestions.

Finally, the new version of Keyword Planner lets you customize time range up to 24 months for keyword search volume.

"We got a lot of asks about customizing the result by date range instead of the default last 12 months after Keyword Planner was released in September....now it’s available!" says Cui. "You can now set the time period up to last 24 months to get a more holistic view of the keywords trending year over year. Thus, you can allocate your budget for the coming period by referencing performance history. This should be especially helpful when running a seasonal campaign and need to look for trending keywords; you can get suggestions that are particularly relevant during certain period of the seasonal event."

All features are now available when you sign in.

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