3D Systems Hires will.i.am As Chief Creative Officer


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It's not uncommon to see tech companies pay celebrities millions of dollars to become their "Chief Creative Officer." Despite what the company may say, it's just an endorsement deal that allows them to slap a recognizable face on their products. Now one of the biggest 3D printer manufacturers in the world has joined the trend.

At CES, 3D Systems announced that will.i.am is the company's chief creative officer going forward. While it's unlikely that he'll actually do any of the work that real creative consultants do, he will give 3D Systems a face to attach to their products as they attract more mainstream attention with their Cube and CubePro 3D printers.

With the announcement, 3D Systems put together a little video of will.i.am talking up the future of 3D printing with 3D Systems CEO Avi Reichental. It's obviously a pre-scripted video, but there's actually some really cool ideas on display. For instance, will.i.am says he envisions a future where 3D printers are at concerts where fans can get custom merchandise that's exclusive to just that concert.

Not much is going to change at 3D Systems even with this latest collaboration. At best, his presence will help get more people into 3D printing, whether it be through events set up by 3D Systems or at concerts. I think we're all ready for a future where a moment at a concert is 3D scanned and then offered as merchandise via a 3D printer.

Image via 3D Systems/YouTube