3D Printed Fashion Is Back With These Wild Shoes


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Fashion shows are weird. Half of the clothing shown at the events are never commercialized, but are rather just an excuse for a designer to get all post-modern on some fabric. We haven't seen anything quite like that in the world of 3D printed fashion just yet, but we're slowly getting there.

The 3D printing company formerly known as Objet has joined forces with Dutch fashion designer Iris van Harpen and shoe designer Rem D Koolhaas to create a pair of shoes using 3D printers. The shoes are called "Wilderness Embodied." I think you'll find it a fitting name.

What makes these shoes particularly exciting is that they may signal the beginning of a revolution in fashion design. Van Herpen says that "Wilderness Embodied" would "not have been possible with any other manufacturing technology." She also says that the 3D modeling tools give 3D printed fashion a leg up over traditional 2D fashion sketches simply due to the fact that designers can finally work in a 3D space throughout the entire design process.

Of course, 3D printed shoes don't solely belong to fashion. Last year, a French designer by the name of Luc Fusaro created a new type of running shoe with 3D printers that were perfectly sculpted to the runner's feet. We haven't heard much from the project since, but it's easy to imagine how custom fitted shoes using 3D printers would be a huge business for athletics and fashion.