Kristen Cavallari: How She Lost Her Baby Weight


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Getting your figure back after having a baby can be difficult and takes a lot of time and work.

Kristin Cavallari has had no trouble losing her baby weight and has managed to lose over 20 pounds after giving birth just two months ago.

Cavallari has always had a great figure and it was one of the things that made her famous.

Cavallari appeared on the MTV show Laguna Beach, where she sported swimsuits and sundresses and showed everyone what it was like to be young, rich and beautiful.

Cavallari is married to Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. Cavallari gave birth to the couple’s first son in 2012 and was able to lose her baby weight from that pregnancy fairly quickly as well.

“I’m still a couple of pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight, but it took a solid three months with Camden and I think it will be the same this time,” she said of her weight loss.

Cavallari said she works hard to lose the weight with exercise and a healthy diet.

“I started working out when Jax was three weeks old. I’ve been working out four to five times a week for 30 to 45 minutes at home, doing tons of leg work like squats, lunges and lifting weights,” Cavallari said.

When it comes to dieting Cavallari says that there are certain foods that she does not eat and that she believes leaving these foods out of her diet is helping.

"I don't put any toxic chemicals in my body. I'm a freak about reading the ingredients. I don't count calories, I just read what's in whatever I'm going to be putting in my mouth," she explained.

"I stay away from dairy for the most part," she added. "I think that is the number one weight gainer. If you're going to get one thing out of your diet, I think it should be dairy."

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Image via Wikimedia Commons