3 Bodies Found In Cleveland Suburb


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Three bodies, all of which are reported to be female, have been found in a suburb of Cleveland, OH. The bodies were wrapped in several layers of trash bags and were found in various locations around an abandoned house in the area.

A 35-year-old man from the area has been arrested in connection with the deaths, but has not yet been charged. The man is a registered sex-offender and has served prison time in the past. He was arrested in a standoff with police and is being held in the East Cleveland area.

The news of the probable murders is just the most recent in a long line of terrible events in the Cleveland area. In May, Ariel Castro was arrested after it was discovered that he had been keeping three women captive in his home. He was charged with numerous counts of rape, kidnapping, and related crimes that he allegedly committed over the course of several years. He has pleaded not guilty to all charges and is awaiting trial.

In 2011, Anthony Sowell was convicted of murdering and hiding the remains of 11 women in the Cleveland area and was sentenced to death. While the details remain foggy, it is believed that the suspect being held in relation to these latest deaths may have been influenced by Sowell.

Police are continuing to search the area around where the bodies were found, an area that has many abandoned houses and area with little to no regular traffic. East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton is attempting to remain optimistic that no more bodies will be found. In relation to that possibility he responded "Hopefully, we pray to God, this is it."

[Thanks to WEWS-TV for the video]