20 Injured, BB Guns Shot At LG G2 Promotion


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Last week, LG announced its new flagship Android smartphone, the G2. The device's differentiating feature is that the buttons traditionally found on the edges of smartphones have been moved to the back of the G2, just under the camera. It's an interesting design idea that may or may not catch on with consumers, but now the G2 may be associated with balloons and a shooting.

LG on Friday held a promotional event in Seoul for the G2, the theme of which had something to do with cloud storage. The company filled 100 balloons with coupons for free G2 phones, and was planning on releasing them, letting the weather decide the recipients of the smartphones. Some determined LG fans had other plans, however, and showed up to the event with nets, spears, and even BB guns.

LG has since stated that it could not control the crowd that gathered at the event. The Korea Times is reporting that around 20 people were injured at the event. LG has now cancelled similar events it had planned to hold in other cities across the world. The company has also stated that it will provide medical treatment for those injured at the event.

The G2 is currently being rolled out across the world, and will be coming to North America and Europe sometime in the next eight weeks. South Korea was one of the first markets to get the G2.

(via The Korea Times)