2% of Americans Think Brian Williams Is Joe Biden

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Brian Williams has been the anchor of the NBC Nightly News for over 9 years - the top-rated NBC Nightly News. He was also a reporter and weekend anchor for the network for 11 years, until NBC handed him the reins following Tom Brokaw's retirement. I think he has a pretty recognizable face - I mean, he doesn't look the least bit like Joe Biden.

Despite all of this, a majority of Americans (a large majority, I might add) has absolutely no idea what Brian Williams looks like.

Here's Pew Research's Rob Suls with some pretty shocking results to a recent survey:

In an online survey about Americans’ knowledge about the news conducted last summer, just 27% of the public could correctly identify Brian Williams, anchor of the top-rated NBC Nightly News. Respondents were shown a picture of Williams and asked to name the person in the photo. While 3% were able to identify Williams’ profession (anchor or reporter), fully seven-in-ten either did not know (53%) or named someone other than Williams (18%). (3 percent thought the photo was of former NBC anchor Tom Brokaw and 2% thought it was Vice President Joe Biden.)

Uh, what?

Yes, nearly 3 out of 4 people surveyed could not identify Brian Williams from a photo - and the criteria for a 'correct' answer wasn't really that stringent. Responders didn't even have to get his whole name - Pew accepted responses of "Brian" and "Williams." But the big stat here is that 2%, or 1 in 50, thought Pew was showing them a photo of Vice President Joe Biden.

How? I mean, how is it that the anchor of the top nightly news show in the country is unrecognizable to so many Americans?

For the answer, see the graph below:

Yep, that'll do it. Blame Twitter.

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