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OpenAI: AI Content Detectors Don’t Work

OpenAI has thrown cold water on those hoping for an easy way to detect AI-generated content, saying such tools don’t work.

Amazon Brings One Medical to Prime Members For $9 a Month

Amazon continues its foray into the health services market, making One Medical services available to Prime members for $9 per month.

Microsoft Briefly Blocked Employees From Using ChatGPT

Microsoft created a stir when it blocked its own employees from using ChatGPT, citing privacy and security concerns.

Congress Wants to Help Rural Telecoms Replace Chinese Equipment

A bipartisan bill in the US House of Representatives would provide money for rural telecoms to replace equipment made by Chinese companies.

T-Mobile Abandons Plan to Force Customers to Upgrade Their Plans

T-Mobile has officially abandoned plans to force customers to upgrade to more expensive plans following predictable blowback.

Maine Government Data Breach Impacts 1.3 Million

The State of Maine has disclosed it suffered a MOVEit data breach, one that has impacted some 1.3 million individuals.

Harnessing the Power of User-Generated Content for Brand Advocacy

Learn more about how to harness the power of user generated content for brand advocacy in the article below.

YouTube’s War On Ad Blockers Challenged By Privacy Advocate

YouTube’s war on ad blockers is facing a legal challenge in the EU over Google’s use of JavaScript to determine when an ad blocker is in use.

Elon Musk: ‘Overwhelming Consensus’ On AI Regulation

Elon Musk has offered details on a meeting between tech leaders and lawmakers, saying there was “overwhelming consensus” in favor of AI regulation.

Cisco Kills Off Its Hyperflex Hyperconverged Infrastructure Line

Cisco has killed off its Hyperflex hyperconverged infrastructure line of products, blaming a changing market.

Amazon Sellers Can Now Use Generative AI to Create Product Descriptions

Amazon continues to invest in generative AI, applying it to the task of creating product descriptions for sellers.

Pop!_OS Cosmic Desktop Slated for 2024 Release

System76 has shared details on its upcoming Cosmic Desktop Environment (DE), saying it will be released in 2024.

Windows-Style Blue Screen of Death Coming to Linux

Linux users are about to get a dubious upgrade, with a blue screen of death in the works.

5 Ways to Use Technology to Enhance Learning and Teaching

Education has made many advancements in recent years and leveraging the use of technology is becoming a proven method to help students learn.

4 Tips for a More Organized Small Business

Small Businesses still require the same needs as large businesses but have less administration to help them. With the right organization and tools, these needs can be achieved for happier employees and clients.

Amazon Is Removing Venmo As a Payment Option

Amazon is dropping support for Venmo as a payment option, although existing users can continue using it a few more weeks.

WhatsApp Rolls Out Disappearing Voice Messages

WhatsApp has rolled out disappearing voice messages, offering another privacy option for its users.

Should You Move Your eCommerce Store From Wix to Shopify?

Selling commerce online is continually becoming more popular but one important factor is finding the right e-commerce site to use.

Why More Tech Startups are Choosing New York

Silicon Valley has a long standing of being the tech hub of America but this status is beginning to sway to a new destination as the allure of New York has many tech startups choosing the Big Apple instead.

IBM and Meta Launch Alliance to Level AI Playing Field

IBM and Meta have launched an alliance to level the AI playing field and sponsor “open, safe, responsible AI.”

Windows Is Installing HP Software On Users’ Machines

Microsoft is experiencing another embarrassing moment, with Windows apparently installing HP software unprompted.

Gmail’s Spam Fighting Abilities Get a Major Upgrade

A new upgrade is making Gmail much better at fighting spam, thanks to an innovation Google has been testing for the past year.

ExpressVPN Comes To Apple TV

ExpressVPN has launched the first major VPN app for the Apple TV, giving users more control over their privacy and location settings.

US Draws Line In The Sand Over Chipmakers And China

The US is drawing a line in the sand for chip companies doing business with China, singling Nvidia out in particular.

Electric Vehicles Have a Reliability Problem

Electric vehicles have a reliability problem, scoring far below conventional and hybrid vehicles, according to the latest Consumer Reports survey.

Microsoft Is Working to Make Teams Muting/Unmuting Easier

Microsoft is working to make it much easier to mute and unmute calls in Teams.

Full-Quality Photos and Videos Come to WhatsApp On iOS

WhatsApp is finally delivering full-quality photos and videos for iOS users, although Android users are still left waiting.

TrenDemon CEO: We Connect Content Marketing to Sales

The CEO of TrenDemon, Avishai Sharon, says that they created their cloud-based software solution in order to help companies prove that the marketing content they produced also achieved business goals and sales.

Bending Spoons Lays Off Entire Filmic Staff

Bending Spoons, the new owner of popular mobile video app Filmic, has laid off the entire staff behind the app.

Google Messages Tops 1 Billion Monthly RCS Users

Google has passed a significant milestone, registering more than one billion monthly active RCS users.

UK Throws Cold Water On Adobe’s Figma Acquisition

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has cast doubt on Adobe’s Figma acquisition, saying it “would likely reduce innovation.”

‘Actual’ Personal Finance App Goes Open-Source, Highlights Developer Challenges

Actual developer James Long has announced his Actual personal finance app will be going open-source, citing the difficulties in making a success of a being an independent developer.

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