Zynga Holding Second Annual "Unleashed" Event


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Since going public last year Zynga hasn't really had the best of times. Its overall value has dropped 40% since December. So when they announced that they were launching a gaming platform outside of Facebook, a lot of people raised their eyebrows as to wether or not they could survive without the social media behemoth.

With their announcement that they were going to have a second Unleashed event, the buzz is palpable and their stock is up in anticipation of what might lie in store for the gaming company. It is highly expected that they will announce a plethora of new games for Facebook, mobile, and their gaming platform at Zynga.com.

At last years event they announced 10 new games and this year is expected to be no different. The anticipation is that they will focus on the extremely fast paced and highly competitive mobile market. Included in this are bound to be a couple of games from their highly successful "Ville" franchise.

This event is also supposed to be a lot louder than last years as far as pomp and circumstance because last year Zynga was getting ready to launch their IPO so they were all focused on that.