Zune Traffic Roars, iTunes Yawns

    December 27, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Microsoft’s Zune 80 proved a big hit among holiday shoppers, and that demand translated into a massive increase in the traffic Zune.net normally receives.

On Christmas Day, people opened their new Zunes and them promptly opened a connection to Zune.net, Microsoft’s online home for the media player.

That traffic added up fast. Analysis firm Hitwise said the Zune fervor resulted in huge jumps in visits to Zune.net.

Compared to Christmas Day in 2006, Hitwise said Zune traffic rose 299 percent, nearly quadruple for the day year-over-year. From Christmas Eve to Christmas Day, Zune.net visits leaped by 392 percent.

As a certain big-screen movie villain might say, “Impressive. Most impressive.” But the numbers for Zune only tell part of the story. While these are nice results for Microsoft, they pale in comparison to Apple’s iTunes marketplace.

“iTunes remained the predominant download site with a market share over 6 times larger than Zune.net,” Hitwise said in its statement. “The total market share of visits for Zune.net reached 0.09 percent on Christmas Day, as opposed to the market share of visits to iTunes which reached 0.68 percent.”