Zune Released, PS3 Failure, Vista and more

    November 14, 2006

The Zune came out today, as well as news that Microsoft is paying Universal Music $1 per Zune sold, in order to get Universal’s music in its Zune music store. Looks like the music industry and the mafia aren’t so different after all

Sony is releasing the PlayStation 3 in three days, but they’ve announced problems with a major selling point: Backward compatibility. Turns out there are a bunch of PlayStation and PS2 games that just won’t work on the PS3, including Gran Turismo and the Final Fantasy series, at least 200 games in all. While this is the opposite of the Xbox 360, where few games are backwards compatible at all, it is once again a case of Sony underdelivering to its customers.

Windows Vista will actually go on sale this month, at least at CompUSA, and only for the Business edition. On November 30, they will begin selling Windows Vista Business, as well as Office 2007 Small Business Edition. This is a smart move, as big businesses were already going to be able to get Vista Business (and Enterprise), so Microsoft is just leveling the playing field.

While talking up Vista’s RTM with reporters, Jim Allchin said that his son uses Vista without antivirus, and does just fine. Naturally, the reporters misinterpreted that as him saying Vista doesn’t need an antivirus. Jim had to issue a mea culpa, explaining that his son runs with a lot of reduced priveleges and parental controls, making the system a lot safer.

Lastly, Microsoft stock opened at $29.27 today, a gain of almost eight dollars since the big drop in June. The last time MSFT was that high? June 12, 2004, 732 days ago. What an amazing recovery for the stock! When the stock dipped badly in June, I told my grandmother, a Microsoft investor for the last decade, to buy more stock to take advantage of the opportunity. Hopefully she took my advice.



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