Zumba Instructor Alexis White Freed From N.Y.C. Jail


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Alexis Wright - a.k.a., the "Zumba Instructor" - was released from a jail in New York City on Saturday. Wright completed almost six months of jail time for her role in a prostitution business in Maine. According to the Associated Press, Wright also happened to be the co-owner of a fitness studio across the street - where she was a Zumba instructor.

Wright had originally been sentenced to serve ten months in a prison in New York City, but had been let out early for displaying good conduct and taking part in a work program at the jail.

Alexis Wright was indicted in October 2012 with over 100 counts of prostitution, as well as several counts of tax-evasion. Her business partner, 58-year-old Mark Strong, would watch Wright with her clientele on a direct feed from his office, approximately 100 miles away. Strong, married with two children, was also charged-with and convicted-of 13 prostitution-related offenses.

In court, Wright placed all blame on her partner, saying she had been duped into participating. However, law enforcement officials didn't buy her excuse, calling Wright "a willing participant."

The 30-year-old's husband, Jason Trowbridge, arrived early Saturday morning to the facility where Wright was being detained. Leaving with Trowbridge, Wright declined to comment.

Main image courtesy ABC News via YouTube.