Zonkey Born In Italy After Zebra Climbed Fence To Mate With Donkey

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A rare zonkey has been born in Florence, Italy after a zebra became amorous and climbed a fence to mate with a female donkey.

Officials at the wildlife reserve say the fence was put up for just that reason, but you can't stop true love. The zebra didn't let a little fence stand in the way once he spotted the donkey, who was in a neighboring field outside the reserve. Now, their offspring, Ippo, is the only one of her kind in Italy. With a distinctive brown body and the head of a donkey, she also sports black-and-white striped legs, making her one of the rarest--and most visually interesting--animals in the world.

The zebra is well-known for not being too selective when it comes to mating; ponies, horses, donkeys, they're all potential mates. Interestingly, the way their offspring is named depends on which animal belongs to which sex. For instance, if the zebra had been a female and the donkey a male, Ippo would have been called a donkra.

Amanda Crum
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