Zombie Apocolypse: Cannibal's Sanity Evaluated

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Alexander Kinyua, the Maryland man who allegedly ate his housemate's heart and dismembered the body last month, is now in custody of a state hospital to have his sanity evaluated.

Although he has been formally charged with first-degree murder and assault, officials want him to be checked out by the hospital before they make any further legal decisions. The move comes after Kinyua's confession to the murder of his roommate and fellow Morgan State University student Kujoe Agyei-Kodie, and after a history of online rants and odd behavior was revealed.

Before the murder, Kinyua was an avid user of social media sites like Twitter, where he posted seemingly random rants and observations which are now chilling in light of his actions. He also hosted a radio show called Warrior Syndicate Radio, which was, according to Kinyua, aimed at "warriors skilled in combat or warfare … coming together to form a syndicate learning portal for Warrior Clans."

He took to Facebook to rant about mass human sacrifices, and he also posted disturbing comments on a video posted in an online forum called "Black Gods Attack" under the name COREeye67:

"I JUST MADE MY OWN QUOTE: No bastard ever won a war by dying for his GODS AND GODDESSES. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his GODS AND GODDESSES.
10,000,000+ YEARS, WHAT THE F***!!!"

The profile photo of Kinyua from Warrior Syndicate Radio shows him with his face painted, warrior-like; that was not the first time he'd done such a thing, according to classmates. One girl reportedly saw him walking around outside on campus with his face obscured by paint, chanting.

It's clear that in the days leading up to the murder--and a previous attack on a fellow classmate with a baseball bat--Kinyua had developed an obsession with the military, war, and weapons. What is not evident is why his strange behavior went unnoticed for so long.

Amanda Crum
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