Zombie Apocalypse: More Weird Stories Pouring In

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If you’re easily scared, you should probably steer clear of this article. Because I, horror-movie-and-zombie-lover, am kinda starting to get freaked out by all the insane stories pouring in from around the country about people going totally bitchcakes and ripping each other apart.

Since the story of Rudy Euegene–the Miami man who ate a homeless man’s face off last weekend–broke, other tales have been popping up in different states but with surprisingly similar amounts of violence, sparking rumors that a “zombie apocalypse” is upon us. The scariest thing is not even that it is happening, but that we don’t know why it’s happening. In the movies/comic books, zombies are easily explained by an illness of some sort, or a government experiment gone wrong, or similar. But these attacks don’t seem to have a connection, other than an altered state of mind, and no visible cause.

On Sunday, New Jersey resident Wayne Carter reportedly cut off pieces of his own flesh and cut out a rope of his intestines to throw at police after barricading himself in his home. Police say Carter has had psychiatric problems in the past. He survived the incident but is in critical condition.

On Tuesday, California cage fighter Jarrod Wyatt attacked his training partner in his apartment after allegedly drinking mushroom tea and hallucinating that the man was possessed by demons. He ripped out his heart, cut out his tongue, and tore off most of his face before burning the parts in order to expel the demons. A friend found him naked (like Rudy Eugene) and covered in blood with body parts scattered around the living room.

That night, in Baltimore, 21-year old Alexander Kinyua‘s brother found a human head and hands in a washtub in the basement of their house. He alerted his father, who alerted authorities, and Kinyua later admitted to killing roommate Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie and eating his heart and brains. According to The Baltimore Sun, Kinyua had previous arrests for violence, but still…weird, no?

While one cannot immediately jump to the conclusion that these stories are in any way related, it’s just weird to see them all pop up at the same time and to involve such a heightened state of violence. Rudy Eugene, the Miami attacker, has already undergone an autopsy, which reportedly turned up normal, but officials are waiting for the toxicology results to come back to get a better understanding of what his state of mind might have been during the attack. Rumors are swirling that he may have been under the influence of “bath salts“, a legal substance that causes fits of rage, heightened strength, and a severe effect on the brain, which some say is irreversible.

Zombie Apocalypse: More Weird Stories Pouring In
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  • Heywood Jablome

    Jarrod Wyatt killed his training partner over a year ago. He’s just going to trial for it this month. Also he called 911 on himself while he was tripping.

    retarded article.

  • http://n/a amaziarose

    Zombies or not, calling someone stupid for having religion, and having faith is ignorant! Where do you get off? I believe in God. I’m not stupid. It’s called FAITH for a reason. Here’s a revolutionary thing, respect. Try it out. Maybe it’ll get you somewhere in life. Telling someone else their faith is wrong because you don’t agree with it is rude. Grow up.

  • Jeffrey Dahmer

    Just reading everyone’s posts makes me believe you’re all on bath salts.



  • wtf guys

    For everyone that is pointing to marijuana you seriously need to reconsider your opinions not facts about it. It pretty much heightens the chemical in your brain that causes pleasure aka happyiness. You get hungry and thirsty because its a way for your body to tell you there’s a chemical imbalance with your brain, not a dangerous one but definitely an imbalance. Now I’m gettin off topic but anyways, I’m not positive what’s going on and well I’m gonna just keep living my life normally until there’s a reason not to. But for all believers or non believers of anything it doesn’t hurt to keep an open mind and just be cautious.

  • h4rmSA

    They say the world will end 21des 2012, they say there will be new world order!! I love my zombie fliks ja, but seriosly?? If you truly believe in this, good for you and enjoy , but the only apocalypse I believe in is the one described in the bible.if you come to South Africa you’ll think your in hell already!! But this will neva bee in the news!! No,

  • lexilol

    again guys propaa scar3d plzz HELPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :'(

  • hmmmmmm

    naked (“high”) people eating people in broad daylight. people gutting themselves and throwing their intestines on cops. women beheading her 3 week old baby and eating part of its brain. i dont know wut to think but im sure that even a crazy person or one with mental issues would say that these are alot of crazies coming out the wood works. or chemical warfare. jus grab alot of guns n build yoself a bomb shelter

  • well

    Well,I kinda do think da zombie apocalypse iz gonna happen,u can’t prove its not.so I jus suggest everyone get ready 4 it.

  • david

    well i myself, believe that if your doing bath salts hardcore enough you will have something wrong. i have smoked synthetic marijuana. it has scared the heck out of me. i know its nothing compared to bath salts but thats my point. if you trip out hardcore or fake weed, then something monstrous will happen on bath salts.

  • Shay

    What if its not just the fact that they are doing the drugs? What if the government is testing on us secretly just to see the results in the outer world. It seems to be starting with the more criminal people, nurses in juvi, jail, pycho houses, their always feeding or testing on people in some sort of drug type way. And drug dealers, they always seem to be able to get ahold of government drugs or illegal laced drugs. I don’t think people should jump to the conclusion of bath salts.

  • andrew

    I think the cause of these violent cannabalistic acts are nothin more than people mixing multible drugs and taking a large amount thus becoming extremely drugged and ur brain only has one basic need…hunger the more intelligent parts of ur brain get shut down except for breathe n eat thats my thought but either way have weapons because zombie or druggie theyre still dangerous

    • loveme

      Thats what I think.

  • loveme

    I would rather much have druggies than zombies. My honest opinion I think the gov. Is hiding something. They don’t tell people because they don’t want them going crazy

    • jimmy

      people were all at one time savage as fuck take the canable tribes for instance who still exist to this date. People all have something in them that wants to harm some one at some time for any reason. Just because some one rips some one apart and eats someones face in a rural or city setting people just loose their shit and suspect the worst. I am not worried about a zombie or even a thousand zombies, for the reason that if it happens we will know it is happening. Highly doubtfull of the slightest possibility… not gonna happen

  • Nj

    The reason are drugs not zombies that’s why the world is all fuck up probably zombies will be running in the streets if we don’t tell are kids about the consequences of using drugs if the world keep it like that we would be in an apocalypse not bc of god but by our own fault bc in this days money is more important than our own body or health money is more intersting than other innocent people so yeah the only answer is pray to god that our kids don’t suffer for the decisions. Of others just bc they want to get all fuck up for using too much drugs now in days we just have to be thankful for another day that god give us

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