Zombie Apocalypse: Miami Cannibal And Flesh-Eating Disease

Fear, rumors flying in the South

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The past month has been rife with horrifying stories focused in the American South; first, the tale of college student Aimee Copeland, who lost her leg, foot, and both hands after cutting her leg in a zip-line accident and being exposed to bacteria-laden river water in Georgia. Soon after, three more stories surfaced of the so-called “flesh-eating disease”, which is a form of the common bacteria that causes strep: new mom Lana Kuykendall from South Carolina, who was rushed back to the hospital after giving birth to twins and complaining of severe pain in her leg. Soon after, Georgia resident Robert Vaughn–who coincidentally stayed just a couple of beds away from Aimee Copeland in the hospital–was told he had contracted the bacteria as well and had 2 1/2 pounds of dead flesh removed from his leg. Vaughn says he was nowhere near the water, but believes he might have picked it up from the brush while doing a landscaping job. Now, a fourth victim has come forward: Paul Bales, a Georgia grandfather who slipped and fell off a boat ramp in early May and cut his leg. Although he was exposed to a different water source than Copeland, the connection is worrisome for Georgia residents. Bales’ son says the antibiotics have stopped working to fight the disease and that he is scheduled to have one leg amputated below the knee.

Over Memorial Day weekend, a Miami man, Rudy Eugene, attacked and cannibalized a homeless man on a causeway, devouring most of his face in what police speculate was a drug-fueled rage. He ignored their cries for him to get off the victim and stood up growling, nude, and covered in blood with flesh dangling from his mouth before being shot at several times. Police say it took more than one shot to take him down; they believe he was under the influence of a new drug called “bath salts”, which causes the body temperature to skyrocket and leads to severe delirium, similar to the effects of LSD but much more powerful. The drug has been known to give users almost super-human strength and rage, making them dangerous to the public, themselves, and police.

Taken separately, these stories would be enough to make anyone want to lock themselves inside the safety of their own homes forever. But together, they are causing rumors about a zombie apocalypse, the end of the world, and conspiracy-theories involving the government. Given the fact that zombies have seen a rush of popularity in recent years, particularly after the sudden and enormous success of the AMC show “The Walking Dead” (based on the comic books of the same name), it’s not hard to see why people are scared.

When the Center For Disease Control released a blog post titled “Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocolypse” earlier this month, it was mostly viewed as a joke; but in light of recent events, it seems strange that the CDC–which is located in Atlanta, Georgia–would view preparedness for disaster as a laughing matter. People are scared and are looking for answers and comfort, and when they don’t get it, rumors begin flying.

While it seems clear that no answers are immediately forthcoming, the one thing we can be sure of is that, so far at least, it seems some of these things can be prevented. If you live near a warm water source–especially in the South–whether it be a lake, river, or pond, take care not to expose even the shallowest cut to it. Clean all wounds immediately, even if they aren’t bad enough to require a doctor’s attention. At the first sign of severe pain in a limb, go to the hospital at once.

Until an autopsy is performed on Rudy Eugene, we won’t know exactly what caused his horrific attack; not much has been released to the public about his victim, although he is alive and in critical condition.

Zombie Apocalypse: Miami Cannibal And Flesh-Eating Disease
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  • Jim Weinberg

    16 yr old Miami boy dates a zombie & lives to write an original song about it!

  • jake

    You all are a bunch of bitches and i will agree with “dumb asses” becuase he and 2 or 3 otheres on here actually have and make some fuckin sence. That shit is a whole bunch on bs so for all you idiots out there if a “zombie attack” does happen i sure hope your real hungry for some brains cuz you need them ;)

  • Arok

    “Necrotizing fasciitis (NF), also known as flesh-eating disease, is a bacterial infection which can progress rapidly, causing severe disease. It is treated with very high doses of intravenous antibiotics. This rare and serious condition attacks the deeper layers of skin and subcutaneous tissues. It easily spreads across the fascial plane (tissue covering the muscle) within the subcutaneous tissue.

    the unanmed “disease” is something thats been around for ages. ^ tht is what the writer left out. lol its not zombie disease, its what people get for not taking care of themselves

  • Sabrina

    I wouldnt take this so lightly……Im a bit worried. All i can say is everyone be on your guard…..You never know what will happen next.

  • patrick

    the new world order is fixing to go into play…nuff said

  • Dante

    Y can’t people stick with marijuana? God put it on earth for us to feel better in any situation with it. Not man made drugs who destroy you from inside out -_-. Doesn’t hurt to prepare for what’s about to happen soon.

    • Dr.Holmes

      the two are related. the brain is a part of the human body, right? if said human contracts this flesh rotting disease parts of the brain could decay resulting in humans reverting to their primal instincs, and not for reasons of culture (IE:the Myans). its not so much zombies as brain damaged humans with the hunger for dominance. just a hypothesis however; the “bath salts that the man took resulted in an increased body temperature, killing immune cells and turning his body into a breeeding ground for diseases of all sorts, which could lead to a mutated form of a harmless virus.

  • Dont be stupid

    Most of you are being ridiculous and.. well down-right stupid. Movies are exactly that… made-up story lines that are completely fictional: movies. (*gasp!*) And the government has jack-shit to do with this, quit blaming them for everything, this is not the 70’s. Also, you fail to recognize the fact that a lot of incidents like this have happened in the past, where people have gone crazy, chopped people up, ate body parts, etc. The mayans used take out the hearts of their slaves and offer them to the gods and paint themselves with the blood of their heartless bodies… There have been canabalistic societies in the past and just because we, as a species, are civilized now does not mean that these primal, innate instincts arent still inside of us. This flesh-eating virus is known and has been documented before. I think this is a horrible incident of a drug-induced man who did not know what he was in for when he tried the drug/ accidentally ingested it. Quit being NAIVE and BLIND to the facts.

  • Kurtis

    The two incidents are unrelated.
    A flesh eating disease/bacteria in water, and a man who was drugged. The fact he was drugged shows that it is not the case if a disease or anything like that making it nothing to do with the flesh eating disease. Zombie apocalypse haha. That is funny

    • Jamws

      Drug use is an assumption by law enforcers…not an actual fact yet

  • dylan

    there is a disease incinsects that cuases behavior like this

    why not humans?

  • U.W.S.O

    It was either bath salts or voodoo spell. The guy was religious right? You know demons or ghost can go in someone’s body and control them. The guy wasn’t a zombie he was something similar to zombie maybe possessed guy or druged guy with bath salts. But I also heard other cases that are similar to that Miami’s zombie in New Orleans, New jersey, Texas, Maryland, Japan, and Canada.
    But I think the goverment is behind this because they are trying to get rid of population, what the hell is in area 51, what hell is under Colorado’s airport? Why is there a group of a army named U.W.S.O trying to stop government’s plans. Why did I hear a guy scream the government is trying to kill us like a week ago? Its either government or voodo or drugs or even riabbies

  • Richard

    Let us take a look at reality. Drugs or pharmaceuticals for instance were developed to alter one or more states of the human condition. Every drug on the market will produce one of three responses. 1. A positive physiological response. 2. A negative physiological response. or, 3. no physiological response. The theory behind any drug, pharmaceutical or hormone is to elicit a desired physiological response. The fact is that drugs or pharmaceuticals are developed with a purpose in mind. When a scientist sets out to create a new “drug” or “virus” they have a desired result which they are looking for. This response or result may not be what we as individuals desire. A perfect example is the combining of H1N1 and the Avian Flu virus. Why did they create or combine the two. Their answer was simply to see IF it could be done. Well evidently it can.
    Now as for the theory of a zombie having to die and be re-animated or brought back to life. I personally do not believe that this is within the human capabilities. Creation of zombie characteristics however are much easier to attain. Taking control of ones brain is as simple as messing with the homeostasis of the human body. If you are a scientist and you set out to achieve the “zombie like” characteristics it is just a matter of finding the right trigger mechanism within the human body. Another example is a female taking large amounts of growth hormone or testosterone. That female will eventually build a muscular structure very similar to that of a man, She may even grow a beard due to the altering of her hormone levels. The same can be said for a man taking feminizing hormones, that man can eventually grow breasts and looses muscle mass and so on. If in fact these examples are true, AND THEY ARE, then is it really IGNORANCE to contemplate the possibilities?
    It is my personal opinion that this new “drug” was indeed created with a purpose in mind. What the purpose is specifically I have no idea.

    • Erica M

      I completely agree.

  • Erica M

    I think that this is just plain silly. I mean c’mon, if they thought a zombie apocalypse why didn’t they make a big deal out of this like the people had done al long time ago? If the world were to end in 2012 how come its not s huge deal??

    • Megan C.

      i agree with you everything just seems to be happening in 2012 these lies are all just stupid to me.

      • Erica M

        I know. Its just plain stupid!

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