Zombie Apocalypse: Miami Cannibal And Flesh-Eating Disease

    May 30, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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The past month has been rife with horrifying stories focused in the American South; first, the tale of college student Aimee Copeland, who lost her leg, foot, and both hands after cutting her leg in a zip-line accident and being exposed to bacteria-laden river water in Georgia. Soon after, three more stories surfaced of the so-called “flesh-eating disease”, which is a form of the common bacteria that causes strep: new mom Lana Kuykendall from South Carolina, who was rushed back to the hospital after giving birth to twins and complaining of severe pain in her leg. Soon after, Georgia resident Robert Vaughn–who coincidentally stayed just a couple of beds away from Aimee Copeland in the hospital–was told he had contracted the bacteria as well and had 2 1/2 pounds of dead flesh removed from his leg. Vaughn says he was nowhere near the water, but believes he might have picked it up from the brush while doing a landscaping job. Now, a fourth victim has come forward: Paul Bales, a Georgia grandfather who slipped and fell off a boat ramp in early May and cut his leg. Although he was exposed to a different water source than Copeland, the connection is worrisome for Georgia residents. Bales’ son says the antibiotics have stopped working to fight the disease and that he is scheduled to have one leg amputated below the knee.

Over Memorial Day weekend, a Miami man, Rudy Eugene, attacked and cannibalized a homeless man on a causeway, devouring most of his face in what police speculate was a drug-fueled rage. He ignored their cries for him to get off the victim and stood up growling, nude, and covered in blood with flesh dangling from his mouth before being shot at several times. Police say it took more than one shot to take him down; they believe he was under the influence of a new drug called “bath salts”, which causes the body temperature to skyrocket and leads to severe delirium, similar to the effects of LSD but much more powerful. The drug has been known to give users almost super-human strength and rage, making them dangerous to the public, themselves, and police.

Taken separately, these stories would be enough to make anyone want to lock themselves inside the safety of their own homes forever. But together, they are causing rumors about a zombie apocalypse, the end of the world, and conspiracy-theories involving the government. Given the fact that zombies have seen a rush of popularity in recent years, particularly after the sudden and enormous success of the AMC show “The Walking Dead” (based on the comic books of the same name), it’s not hard to see why people are scared.

When the Center For Disease Control released a blog post titled “Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocolypse” earlier this month, it was mostly viewed as a joke; but in light of recent events, it seems strange that the CDC–which is located in Atlanta, Georgia–would view preparedness for disaster as a laughing matter. People are scared and are looking for answers and comfort, and when they don’t get it, rumors begin flying.

While it seems clear that no answers are immediately forthcoming, the one thing we can be sure of is that, so far at least, it seems some of these things can be prevented. If you live near a warm water source–especially in the South–whether it be a lake, river, or pond, take care not to expose even the shallowest cut to it. Clean all wounds immediately, even if they aren’t bad enough to require a doctor’s attention. At the first sign of severe pain in a limb, go to the hospital at once.

Until an autopsy is performed on Rudy Eugene, we won’t know exactly what caused his horrific attack; not much has been released to the public about his victim, although he is alive and in critical condition.

  • Chris Slone

    Whether your religious and believe this to be the apocalypse or atheist and believe it’s a zombie disease created by the government like the movies, something obviously isn’t right. Zombies may actually be coming and we should all prepare unless you want to be the poor sap that gets eaten first. Maybe a drug could cause this but if so then why aren’t there alot more cases of it?

    • Bob

      You must be kidding me. Total nonsense.

    • jackie aiello


    • Mike

      My thing is “if” this isn’t real so you guys say? Why didn’t the police just simply arrest Rudy? He had no firearm, he was completely nude, “they say”? So why didn’t they just tazor him, or restrain him and put him under arrest? Obviously they cops on the scene seen that Rudy was NOT human. & were forced to simply enforce deadly action because of this.

      • Kala

        Obviously the cops were forced to use deadly action? Because the police never used deadly action with no reasoning.

        • Issac

          Did you hear how many bullets it took to kill this man? it took several bullets and he still kept coming. if it took that many bullets to kill him no way mace or a tazor would stop him.

          • Tony

            Them bath salts man… Fucking up everyone.

          • Sola

            This is not bath salts doing this. look to the past for answers as to wether or not you should trust the media or the government for obvious reasons. Wether or not its the real deal. Always remember never trust the media its not worth it.

        • Derek

          He was eating a mans face bud

        • QWESTcoast

          The police nvr use deadly force? Ur fckn stupid.should get a cop to bust one on ur ass just for fun

      • adis

        they didnt arrest him because he refused to back off and was shot at several times

      • lauren

        THEY didn’t arrest him because he was EATING THE OTHER GUY’S FACE!

        THEY told him to stop, and he turned, with flesh and blood dripping from his mouth, and GROWLED at the cop.

        He was completly nude. He stripped off the victim’s pants in the beginning of the attack. If there was EVER a case for a justifiable shooting, THIS is it.

        And please, Google “Miami zombie attack”, watch the video, read the articles, and educate yourself on the subject before throwing out your opinion on how terrible THEY are for using deadly force.


      • Nick

        They did tazor him but he ripped them off like they had no effect, so he had to shoot him, but yes I believe

      • gessiewtf

        I have seen the medical photographs of this man, and it inconceivable, yet true, to think that this was done by a person. This guy is just red pulp. His life is going to be hell. He would need a total face transplant and he would still be blind. I hope he is a homeless Veteran.

        • David

          Ur a fucking idiot you hope it was a veteran go fuck ur self you peice of shit in American dumb ass

        • madman6325

          dude you need to watch what you say i hope some one beats your a** and yeah i hope it is a veteran. go back to whatever comunist country you came from because here in america we support the young men and women that serve and protect us. i love and support those of you who served or are serving thank you and God bless

          • QWESTcoast

            America supports ppl that serve their country? Why the fuck all these veterans askn for change.maybe cux the U.S turn their backs on thm!!

      • jay

        The thing is that Eugene was no longer Eugene…he became something else like a raging, vicious wild beast! He was obviously under the influence of a very strong & powerful mind-altering drug that caused him to lose his mind & humanity, and ultimately his life. Up until that fateful hour, he was just like everybody else, just a normal person with hopes, dreams, and aspirations to do something worthwhile with his life. But something catastrophic happened to him that day and he went on to viciously attack a homeless, defenseless man and began to rip off his face and feast off his flesh! I’m sure the officer that came upon the scene was shocked & dismayed at the hellish & horrific scene he was witnessing. He’s face to face with a psychotic & deranged person that seemly has the strength of 10 men and who is savagely biting chunks out of another man’s face. I don’t think a tazer would have had any effect on him based on similar cases. Officers have tazed other people that were later found to be under the influence of LSD “bath salts” and the crazed people kept getting up, growling and trying to attack not just one officer, but several officers. They are extremely violent, irrational and have extraordinary strength. In one case, it took 15 officers to restrain a scrawny 150 lb kid after he jumped on top of a taxi cab and tried to get to the passengers inside. One crazed person even slashed his stomach open and threw his intestines at officers that thought they were answering a disturbance call. The officer that came upon the gruesome scene on Miami’s McArthur causeway stood his ground with his gun drawn & shouted at Eugene to get off the man. Eugene turned and growled at him, and continued to brutally assault the poor victim. At this point, the officer’s adrenaline is probably pumping, his heart pounding through his chest, and he has no back-up to help. He knows he only has seconds to neutralize the situation before Eugene kills the helpless victim, and then turns on him or even worst pounces on another victim. The officer was forced to shoot Eugene several times before he fell over dead. It appeared that the first bullet and even the second bullet had no effect on him. It took 4 or 5 bullets to put him down. In my opinion, the officer had no choice but to take quick & decisive action to end the grizzly assault!!! I do believe that in non-violent cases police officers should not use deadly force, but in this case, deadly force was absolutely necessary & justified.

        • hotaunt2

          i absolutely agree with you. Here the officer had no other choice but to use deadly force. I continue to pray not just for the victim, but for all of the officers involved as they all became victims of the horrific site. They now have mental scares that may never heal.

    • Jonathan

      The apocalypse isn’t exclusive to religious belief it simply means a revealing of information in it’s Greek origin but is commonly used to refer to a great catastrophic scenario by both religious, and secular. My religious beliefs don’t make me exclude the improbable possibility of a zombie pandemic, this however is not the true and final apocalypse in itself but could play a role in it. Science Fiction after all often begets science reality, so far it has mostly inspired benevolent technological advances, but a government co-opted bio-terrorist could easily be inspired by the ultimate plague scenario of zombies

  • Holtzy

    I think its awesome that it happened yaya

    • Shepdawg & buck

      Whats wrong wit you holtzy. put some sugar on it huhuh

      • Mr belleville

        You two are fat. Where did he go? Add my gamertag – Put_Sum_SugaronIT and we’ll play some nazi zombies….get it??…. hahah

    • Issac

      how is this awsome? this isnt a movie or game these are real people dieing.

    • Joshx

      You a dumbass holtzly I hope you the first one to die from zombie cuz that is not something anew some to happen

  • angel

    I’m prepared. Is anyone else.

    • Bob

      Prepared for what? More stupidity?

    • Jill

      Hell yea! Lmao

      • Juliseann


    • http://facebook mike


    • shealea

      The Bible says There will be signs and wonders But for real this is some scarystuff like on Resident Evil Get your guns

  • Frank Henderson


  • Dalia Flores

    I wouldnt rule out the government being involved, they hide things from the AMERICAN PEOPLE, and yes i do beleive they have something to do with it, but as usual its all kept under wraps.

  • charles jones

    i have been saying this for some time now as long as the world is over populated the goverment will be tryin to insight a zombie outbreak its comin i know it and iam concerned for the ignorant people who think it cant happen

    • Dumb Asses

      Your ignorant and stupid for thinking it can. GO SMOKE SOME MORE!

      • Jonathan

        Study up on pathology and and it may seem possible.
        If you actually have an explanation as to why it couldn’t happen then please enlighten me.

  • Dumb Asses

    WOW you people are idiots believing in a plague or ZOMBIE. As far as the face eater he was high on smack probably was watching a zombie flick and thought hey i bet i could do that. As far as bacteria there ar so many forms of bacteria that have yet to be found. Its amazing how stupid and gullable this world is today. Article failed on sarcasm and humor.

    • Bob

      Thank you. It is amazing how stupid people can be.

      • Jamie

        It’s people like you that get eaten first!

        • Jamie

          I agree with you!! It’s all fun and games till someone gets their face eaten off and you know it is all of us stupid peope that will have the last laugh while your being eaten!! As for the goverment I don’t believe they are involved, but as far as I am concerned if it act’s like zombie and eats your face like a zombie then it must be a zombie!!! Either way I believe that something is very, very wrong in the world and whether it is zombies or a virus it has me terrified for my children and what the future holds for them! God Help Us All!!!!

    • http://www.raw-clan.org Sam

      History is filled with plagues and mass outbreaks of nasty viruses such as the black death, Spanish flu, Swine Flu and Avian Flu (H5N1). Then there are other super bugs like MRSA which is a direct result of softened immune systems caused by modern medicine and mutated strains doing what they do best (Mutate to get past the barriers caused by vaccines) when a vaccine stops them.

      • http://www.raw-clan.org Sam

        Mind you after saying that, the hole Zombie thing is just total BS! For that to work the virus would have to be able to control the Human brain, so yes Zombies is a stupid idea but there are some nasty viruses out there…

        • Lexi

          Drugs can do it so why can’t something like that do it as well?

          • Sprock

            Drugs don’t take control of your brain, they botch connections and affect your brain in various ways, be it increasing or decreasing certain reactions, such as hostility or the speed of said reactions.

    • Know your drugs

      Heroin….. really? You have no idea what you are talking about. Heroin induces lethargy and nodding off, not hallucinations and madness. What a fuckin moron!

    • don’t worry

      Oh yeah were stupid for believing in a plague, cause that’s never wiped out a country or two…… I’m not saying I’m on board with the zombie stuff. But you shouldn’t call someone stupid by making a comment that makes you look stupid too. If anything, that shot in the water is something everyone should be watching out for.

    • doc

      Hell I had a refrigerator fall on my leg a few years ago and the staph bacteria that got shoved into my knee almost cost me my leg. Nothing new, been around forever its just evolving faster than our drugs.

    • Jonathan

      You do realize that he was on the way back from a memorial day weekend party on the beach. He wasn’t watching a zombie movie. It was reported that his behavior was becoming increasingly erratic in the days leading up to the incident. do you even understand how a retroviruses are currently used to insert genetic material into cell in genetic engineering? It isn’t outside the realm of biological possibility that a plague could cause such behavior. There are many mind altering parasites in nature that influence the behavior of host organisms as a means of propagation. Now imagine one that targets humans.

    • Jonathan

      Yes there have been many forms of bacteria that have yet to be found, doesn’t that increase the possibilities of could happen?

      Also bacteria are not capable of this. I’m not saying that it is likely but is is possible. It could in theory be caused by some form of retrovirus, pryon, or some other parasitic organism.
      Here is a very brief list of possibilities. http://www.cracked.com/article_15643_5-scientific-reasons-zombie-apocalypse-could-actually-happen.html
      Granted this wasn’t published by a scientific paper it does present possibilities. These organisms would require some artificial modification before they could act as a viable source for zombies. There are also various species of worms, fungus, and protozoa that can chemically alter the behavior of their hosts as a means of returning the host to a spawning point or spreading infection.
      I agree this probably isn’t caused by a plague, but remember when you say something is impossible you are claiming an absolute yet when you claim something to be possible no matter how improbable you don’t claim an absolute. You shouldn’t dismiss possibilities of something without having thorough knowledge first, otherwise you risk being proven wrong.

  • Sam

    You’re a year late on the CDC blog. That was written on May 5th, 2011.

  • charles

    What is wrong with you- Holtzy Losing a leg, a arm, or any part of your body or your life; is no laughing matter- it is scary

  • joe


    • Dumb Asses

      I keep telling people like you to stay of drugs!

    • lisa

      Do you really think the government is stupid enuf to bring back the dead….only God can do that and when he does you will KNOW the day of judgment is at hand. Be right w the lord and u have nothing g to fear. We are ALL going to die eventually. There is no getting around it….”UNLESS U A ZOMBIE”…LOL

      • Emily

        Hey, im just going to get out my opinion, but i am a total zombie addict and have been reading allot on this and watched the CCTV capturing of this.

        The “zombie” swung at a car in the beginning, provigg that he has no control of anything but the early human instinct of attacking and eating.

        Yes i agree but look at our government, i once read somewhere we have the technology to do it, but we wont. So who would do it? Uhm Terrorists? I also read allot about ancient voodoo zombies, then found an artical suggesting that his girl friend said he was into that alot.

        There are many ways this might or may not be “infected” “zombie” or just plain “high as a kite”. But the fact he wasn’t even startled by bullets and could only growl really gives me suspicions maybe America is hiding something?

  • Mark

    I think the drug story is a cover up, something weird is going on and the government won’t let anyone know. bitches.

  • Denise76

    You know what… it’s kind of like Christianity, isn’t it? They want to save you from the apocalypse, by accepting Jesus… but for me, if you’re stupid enough to think that some sort of drug induced zombie state or government created biological warfare couldn’t get out of control, fine, I don’t care if you die. Maybe Jesus will comfort you as your face is getting chewed off. I say population is out of control anyways. My family wouldn’t stand a chance if a “Walking Dead” scenario were to go down. My daughters are 6 and 8 and require medicines and special diets to be healthy. It’s definitely something worth thinking about and not just shrugging off as fiction when there are real people eating other real people in plain daylight and not stopping when they’re shot from like 10 feet away.

    • Dumb Asses

      Sorry but i dont know what kind of person you are but anyone gets too close to me gets hurt let some retarded drug addict come try to bite my face ill end his addiction quickly. Its people like you that would die first, not me. And i dont even believe in this bullshit. And its called DRUGS that make people live for a little while after shot. Im sory for your daughters medical health and also for their mothers stupidity.

    • Jonathan

      Denise you are a fool. What even caused you to lash out at someones faith. Your comment is so irrelevant and full of baseless opinion. Christianity claims to save people in a spiritual sense by following Christs teachings and accepting him as the messiah. The apocalypse will be for all. The rapture isn’t necessarily stated to occur at the start of the apocalypse. The genocidal Unified Earth Government that is prophesied to exist can be seen as a test of faith, thus the word tribulation be assigned to that seven year period. So no it isn’t the same, but yes the possibilities of what you say are indeed possible. We already live a drug induced, distracted, oblivious state of false security and gullibility. The possibilities of actual zombies is within the realm of biological possibility as it can be seen elsewhere in other species, such pathogens however do not reanimate dead flesh.

  • myameluxe

    this is really starting to get on my nerves if anyone knew Rudy not Zombie Rudy was a kindhearted sweet person who loved laughing and in the time that i got to know him I know that this is totally out of his character and people shouldn’t assume that he is crazy just pray for his family and the victim this is a tragic event that will be hard to forget but lets not make it worst.

    • Joeybatman

      So wait myameluxe….. I really am just curious. Not being an ass, but his ex wife sai he was violent to her. Physically. If you dead-set believe he was kind, and she says he has a history of violence, it helps us narrow down to whether or not we have a pandemic. Who is telling the truth. OBVIOUSLY we can’t ask Rudy, but I think this drug stuff…..is crap. It won’t take you to the point of where the natural human instinct of man=man is over ruled, and you may eat whatever you like. Unless he was hallucinating of being king of te jungle, chasing a gazelle!! We NEED that autopsy

  • http://www.raw-clan.org Sam

    These kinds of pandemics seem to happen every 50-70 years. These days alot of these dangerous strains have come about due to Dr’s over prescribing Antibiotics to patients that don’t really need them and also due to advances in medicine have cause viruses that we can treat to mutate into new anti-biotic proof strains like H5N1 which hit most of the world a year or two ago… and that wasn’t a particularly nasty one!

    Just remember the Black Death Plague, The 1918 Influenza pandemic (Spanish Flu) and of course more recently Swine Flu and Avian flu…

    • Marcie

      The Spanish flu is the swine flu

      • http://www.raw-clan.org Sam

        Yup your right, both are strain H1N1 “Swine Flu” which has created 2 pandemics, one in 1918 and one in 2009/2010. A pretty nasty ass virus.

  • lesia

    I believe anything is possible but to assume that a zombie apocalypse is beginning is absurd!!! Now when we hear about crap like this every day then I will get concerned!! :-)

  • thiscrapisidiotic

    Do people not realize flesh eating baterias have been around since before time? I feel for the people that have it. But to say it is a “Zombie Apocalyps” get real people. Let me guess since it is 2012 the world will turn to zombies? They also say aliens will tke ver in 2012 and make us their slave. They say galaxy’s will collide and the sun will blow up. Think about it. Just something to get the world stirred up. IGNORANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mitch

    Actually, the CDC released that article in 2011. Little FYI.

    • Mikhaila

      You’re the ignorant one for being so closed minded.
      Even if it isn’t a real Zombie Apocalypse..
      People are getting excited over this, and they want it?
      So why ruin their hopes

      • Cole

        He was pointing out an error in the article. No need to be an ass.

  • Lexi

    They say it was bath salt but they shot an unarmed “man”!!! They didn’t tazz him or try to arrest him. They shot him 12 times (oh record) and the 12th shit was to the head that killed him he 11 other shots didn’t! I won’t believe it till I see it but Kay in case I’m still ready for the worst

  • Mikhaila

    Whether it’s real or not.. It’s clearly happening… If you want to think it’s drugs or zombies it doesn’t matter. it could happen to anyone!
    This is a serious thing, and doesn’t make sense how there are so many different stories and takes on what actually happened..
    No matter what it is. you guys should start preparing for the worst.
    We all have our kits for floods? earthquakes? storms? tornados? all those things, when the chance of them happening is probably quite small. Yet we still prepare don’t we?
    I know what the next thing im buying is. and if you’re too stubborn to buy it for yourselves, when you’re getting your face eaten off. have fun.

    • lisa

      Dude…he was EATING someones face off and u want them to tazer him…hell no shoot that f***er

  • http://ohiowebpro.com Eric

    Well if drugs are good for you as people here have stated and there are no Gods or demons as others have, HE MUST HAVE BEEN AN ACTUAL ZOMBIE AS THE TITLE SUGGESTS! Great reporting! I’m getting my shotgun and heading for the mountains.

  • kristenkilljoy

    idk id be careful about the guy whos flesh is missing on his skin he could possibly develop wat the guy had u never know

  • http://Google Claydo

    All of you are scared retarded pussies..

  • geo

    I’ve done every drug in the book. I was on bathsalts for 14 months multiple times mixed with lsd an i never acted like that! Ignorance is bliss and what better population control than a zombie outbreak.

  • mikmik

    Strep is common bacteria. Influenza is a virus. 4 or 5 reports in a year for 350,000,000 people, is like a 1 in 85million chance it will happen to you. The odds of winning a multi-million dollar lottery by buying 1 ticket only in a year are 6 or 7 times higher.

    The biggest danger today is that people that actually get worked up about this shit, don’t have the slightest clue about anything that really does matter.

    That’s what is scary, the epidemic of willful ignorance.

    • Jessica

      Yes ! A group of gullible idiots is the most dangerous thing out there.

    • NJ Bell

      Willful ignorance in the age of catastrophic distraction… I suppose we need to know whether or not this incident was caused by a virus or drugs or some other reason, but the symptoms result in someone eating off someone else’s face…still a problem! What if mass hysteria is triggered, or the water is still tainted, or more people take bath salts and lose their grip…either way, still a probem if it results in rage coupled with cannibaism!

  • Josh

    the dude was high,i think that’s y it took so long to kill him.can all at least agree on the fact that if this sort of thing continues to happen we can start freaking out.but until then just have extra food,water,firearm(s),and a place to go and you’ll be fine.Until we know for sure don’t overreact.Zombie movies are supposed to fake.

    • Jessica

      Even if more cases showed up, I don’t see why people would be concerned. God knows we’ve got enough weapons to keep it under control. If there was a zombie outbreak it’d be maybe 20 loose people at the most. I just don’t understand people.

    • J

      Just sayin..even made up stuff comes from real facts, and there may be some truth to “Zombies”

  • Jessica

    If you really believe in this , you’re ridiculous.
    Even if this was a real “zombie”, hello ! Everyone has a gun.
    Or the common sense to take the first 5 “zombies” and put them somewhere.

    The officers are not going to go near someone that is eating someone, so saying that they knew he was “inhuman” is just, wow. Would you go near the NAKED man eating a face?

    Zombies were made up , just like Spongebob, Curious George and Frankenstein. When I see a talking sponge , I’ll get back to you guys.

  • kasey

    ok…for the non believers there is somehing goin on check out huffington post for this last sun. man in new jersey stabs himself then pulls out his intestines an throws pieces at cops….or the paper the sunshine state where feb 1 a guy was brought to conn from fla. for usin an axe on homeless guy then eatin his brain an eye in cemetery if u dont believe in zombies how bout demons???? how else could a guy take 10 or more bullets an another guy stab himself then pull out intestines an live???

  • http://yahoo Cheryl

    DARK SHADOWS in the HOUSE !!!!!

  • zack

    if the cops shot for no real reason they must have known he was a zombie

  • DDJJ

    seriously guys he was on drugs? sure drugs make you do crazy things but think about this. have you ever gotten high, then decided to CHEW ON SOME HOMELESS GUY’S FACE?! i’m not gonna say zombie, i mean anything’s possible, but that’s a little far-fetched. i’m saying the guy had mental issues, SOMETHING IN THE BRAIN (if you get my zombie insinuation) that made him do this. but man this is scary stuff.

  • marissa

    Hey now! Demons aren’t getting enough attention here!

  • http://yahoo.com louisa leal

    hope they find a cure soon. when i was a child i use to play in mud holes after a rain and any minor cut would get infected from that and my parents had an herb garden which this watery leaf would heal me . i never knew the name of it . also i never saw that herb again since then . now when my skin gets irritated i use corn starch to cure the infection .

    • andrew whiten

      Its an aloe vera plant buddy

  • Charles

    Now then, that’s silly that they’d bring up something as stupid as a zombie apocalypse. The press is just blowing this out of proportion. There’s already flesh eating viruses in the world and NO ONE freaks about it because the press doesn’t blow it up. One example would be the hemotoxin that the Brown Recluse injects, which destroys the skin. And of course water is going to be contaminated, it’s natural, unfiltered water. It’s basically a bacterial Utopia. I think the press should stop trying to scare the public.

  • Semiconcerned Citizen

    Look, I understand that it seems extremely unlikely that a zombie outbreak could occur, but honesty, who are we to say it’s completely impossible.

    We’ve all seen the movies and tv shows, and hell, some have read the books, and the way it gets summed up seems ridiculous.

    However, as of right now, I am sitting on the fence between whether this was an actual zombie, or if it was just some asshole doped up on bath salts. But the police say “It took several shots to stop the man from attacking”, they did not actually say they killed him. I also understand that alot of cops have piss-poor aim, but nonetheless, “several” rounds should avert any normal person from attacking, that’s the part the sets me off a little bit.

    But I think we should analyze the shit out of this whole situation before we start trashing each others beliefs, maybe this isn’t the best time for society to be arguing like hell.

  • A.Spence

    Okay, all of you people who are saying it’s stupid, zombies don’t exist, he was high, blah blah blah, you’re ignorant. Yeah, he may have not been undead or whatever and he may have been high as a kite but, he still ate my man’s face! That isn’t normal. Did it ever occur to you that these “bath salts” could be the next epidemic? They could be the reason people go f*cking crazy and start eating people? Think about it people. It’s very possible that a bunch of junkies start snorting this crap and lose their damn minds and start eating the sh*t out of people….

  • Jaylin


    However There are diseases that eat your brain away such as mad cow and rabies. This isn’t something new. So why would a “zombie apocalypse” just BARELY happen now. Is what I say

  • ACE

    Why are people getting excited over a Zombie Apocalypse? O_o

  • deli

    I completely agree with A.Spence. this could become a new epidemic. The users aren’t going to be zombies by definition but come on he ate a mans face off…

  • where we’re going we don’t need roads

    All you need I’d weed! :)

  • wyatt

    any thing is possible but weather its a government consperosy for a zombie out break or if its coincidental im still stocking up on ammo and suplies. ill be damed if i get killed in an epidemic with out puting up a fight.

  • where we’re going we don’t need roads

    Pornos man

  • where we’re going we don’t need roads


  • Micheal

    In my opinion it’s hollywood made. like my mom says, drugs are good when…… But really it’s stupid being near water and having an open sore then, all of a sudden you are a “zombie” so to speak is stupid. either someone made this up or……. well nothing else.

  • shelby

    We’re all petty sitting ducks. Our questions won’t ever be answered. The government KNOWS wtf is going on. To call it a ‘zombie apocolypse’ would be absurd but ONLY BECAUSE WE ALREADY HAVE A HOLLYWOOD IDEAL FOR WHAT ZOMBIES ARE. we are all a part of nature and nature has its beautiful and equally fucked up and ludacris aspects. All I know is that no matter what your opinion is, chances are myself and most everyone else aren’t going to get the concrete facts about any of this to base their own opinion on until its too late. To the government we are considered a whole, not individuals that need specific caring for, so in that sense they’re thinking, “we’ll let this go on until its too prominent to avoid, because god forbid anyone finds out that we actually know everything in advance but choose not to act upon it for the sake of our positions in power, and then make up some blasphemous story as to why we were all so ‘unprepared’. If they were to give us a real heads up, the business world would be put on hold and the people would be making decisions for themselves but the stars and stripes can have that. The last thing government wants is anarchy and a CONJOINED descision making process involving ALL OF US LIVING HERE, NOT JUST THE ‘ROYAL PUSSIES’ watching all of us scamper around from the comfort of their scratching post, if you get my metaphor.

  • http://webpronews/life dude with a theory

    i have a theory on the matter conserning the whole “zombie” situation …. in the mayan calender you see that the end is in 2012 right ? my thinking is that they had so much spiritual power that they could see thru there descendants eyes and in the year 2012 they couldnt see any more thru there eyes or they saw that people were eating eachother ? and a part of that theory is why they disapeared they didnt want to live thru that ? so think about it would you want to be on earth when people where eating eachother ? or would you want to leave this world in hopes that the next is better ? and as for the man in florida the police man that shot him shot once and it did not even make the man flinch ? then it turned and snarled at him ? i dont know about the rest of you but i would be like “zombie boom boom boom boom boom boom boom ” i dont care if its not actually the living dead he was eating a mans face .. and what do zombies go for ? the brain . i wouldnt even hesetate to blast the man off the face of the earth

    • Dont be stupid

      first… concerning*** second… the mayan calender does not “end” in 2012, it resets. In 2012 our Solar System passes its “year mark,” if you will. It begins another loop around the center of the Milkyway that will take about 100,000 years. third… the Mayans didnt disappear. They were massacred and literally exterminated by the Spanish and “chicken pox.” and lastly… hesitate***

    • Their*

      You used the wrong form of there, their, they’re, a lot.

  • Mary

    ok think about it all the movies we watch, that is them telling us what our future holds, and I think the gov. is in on a lot of things, they are trying to cut the population down, they are not going to tell you everything, but if you stop and think about what is in the movies than there you go,

  • ian_z

    First off, to think this could never happen in our lifetime is an ignorant thought and statement to make. Zombies are not a “new fad”, cases of zombie like infections actually date back to egyptian times. It was not just a movie craze started by George A. Romero. There are many viruses, bacteria and even molds that can cause a complete shutdown of the human brain, but leave basic motor functions and minimal brain functions including rage, the loss of pain receptors in the brain, and the urge to feed (constantly). The actual rising of the recently ddead, that is a joke. Once a human brain has lost all blood flow and oxygen it cannot re-awaken. Second, to think that the government would let us know and that it would be all over the media is an even bigger joke.. Look at everything that has happened in our government in this year alone. Anyone ever heard of the NDAA act? most of you will say no, but for those of us aware.. The NDAA act was a bill passed on this past New Years Eve while everyone was out celebrating and to incoherent to be aware of what was going on. This bill gives our president and our government absolute right to detain, torture, and sentence to death or be held in a militarized camp such as Guantanimo Bay (which is still open). Along with this, these people being detained under suspect have 0 right to a lawyer or to a trial, they do not even need any evidence to detain citizens and are held until the end of the “conflict” which could be infinit if they so choose. This all sounds like a joke right? wrong, go look it up for yourself. This was never covered in the media why? Because we are not supposed to know or care. Even more evidence of our lack of knowledge, go look up the Time Magazine cover’s over the past few months not just in the U.S., but around the world. One month the U.S.’s issue was about losing fat packed on over the holidays, and saving money.. While the rest of the world’s issues was about a revolution going on in a thrid world country… hmm. So if you truelly believe everything you read and hear in the news, by all means go back to watching FOX news and being ignorant to what is happening in the world. Back to viruses.. Most people dont realize that not just terrorists out there have the capapbilities of making weaponized viruses, they are held here in the U.S. as well, granted the CDC are the ones with the technology and these weaponized virus’ and are the one’s keeping all of us safe from said outbreaks. But all it takes is one sick mind, or disgruntled person to release it to the public. Even a form of rabies can be mutated and crossed with other virus’. As for us being ready and protected? Look at all the people here bashing even the thought of such an occurance, we clearly would not be ready. Along with several quarantines that have happened in this year alone, tied with “strange deaths” that happen to normal healthy people, with hazmat teams being called in to take over the investigation. Im not here preaching to believe that it is happening, believe what you want, I certainly will be on my toes if more strange news keeps occuring. If such an outbreak does occur be sure of one thing: We will not be aware of it until it is too late for the general population. And to anyone who is bashing this article or anyone else’s belief in such a thing: DO SOME FUCKING RESEARCH BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR MOUTH OR START TYPING. YOU LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT. thank you, have a nice day.

    • haha

      Yeah I’m pretty sure they put a ban to that in may. Maybe you should research…

  • ian_z

    By the way, here’s a nice article with scientific proof that it is a possibility http://www.cracked.com/article_15643_5-scientific-reasons-zombie-apocalypse-could-actually-happen.html.

  • No hysteria here

    At most it’s interesting that all this is happening so close to one another, and while I don’t believe in coincidences(Snake taught me that) I DO believe in seriality and the deterministic nature of quantum physics, OR so they say. Anyway I was just chatt’n with my family, it’s fine to speculate and joke, but remember don’t HONESTLY worry about it. I doubt few people are worried but really, don’t lose sleep over it, and remember these are real people that are suffering, offer condolences to the universe and don’t be TOO morbid.

  • http://google tristan

    I have never heard of a drug that makes you want to eat off another persons face… but i have heard homeless people taste like chicken.

  • Jim Weinberg

    16 yr old Miami boy dates a zombie & lives to write an original song about it!

  • jake

    You all are a bunch of bitches and i will agree with “dumb asses” becuase he and 2 or 3 otheres on here actually have and make some fuckin sence. That shit is a whole bunch on bs so for all you idiots out there if a “zombie attack” does happen i sure hope your real hungry for some brains cuz you need them 😉

  • Arok

    “Necrotizing fasciitis (NF), also known as flesh-eating disease, is a bacterial infection which can progress rapidly, causing severe disease. It is treated with very high doses of intravenous antibiotics. This rare and serious condition attacks the deeper layers of skin and subcutaneous tissues. It easily spreads across the fascial plane (tissue covering the muscle) within the subcutaneous tissue.

    the unanmed “disease” is something thats been around for ages. ^ tht is what the writer left out. lol its not zombie disease, its what people get for not taking care of themselves

  • Sabrina

    I wouldnt take this so lightly……Im a bit worried. All i can say is everyone be on your guard…..You never know what will happen next.

  • patrick

    the new world order is fixing to go into play…nuff said

  • Dante

    Y can’t people stick with marijuana? God put it on earth for us to feel better in any situation with it. Not man made drugs who destroy you from inside out -_-. Doesn’t hurt to prepare for what’s about to happen soon.

    • Dr.Holmes

      the two are related. the brain is a part of the human body, right? if said human contracts this flesh rotting disease parts of the brain could decay resulting in humans reverting to their primal instincs, and not for reasons of culture (IE:the Myans). its not so much zombies as brain damaged humans with the hunger for dominance. just a hypothesis however; the “bath salts that the man took resulted in an increased body temperature, killing immune cells and turning his body into a breeeding ground for diseases of all sorts, which could lead to a mutated form of a harmless virus.

  • Dont be stupid

    Most of you are being ridiculous and.. well down-right stupid. Movies are exactly that… made-up story lines that are completely fictional: movies. (*gasp!*) And the government has jack-shit to do with this, quit blaming them for everything, this is not the 70’s. Also, you fail to recognize the fact that a lot of incidents like this have happened in the past, where people have gone crazy, chopped people up, ate body parts, etc. The mayans used take out the hearts of their slaves and offer them to the gods and paint themselves with the blood of their heartless bodies… There have been canabalistic societies in the past and just because we, as a species, are civilized now does not mean that these primal, innate instincts arent still inside of us. This flesh-eating virus is known and has been documented before. I think this is a horrible incident of a drug-induced man who did not know what he was in for when he tried the drug/ accidentally ingested it. Quit being NAIVE and BLIND to the facts.

  • Kurtis

    The two incidents are unrelated.
    A flesh eating disease/bacteria in water, and a man who was drugged. The fact he was drugged shows that it is not the case if a disease or anything like that making it nothing to do with the flesh eating disease. Zombie apocalypse haha. That is funny

    • Jamws

      Drug use is an assumption by law enforcers…not an actual fact yet

  • dylan

    there is a disease incinsects that cuases behavior like this

    why not humans?

  • U.W.S.O

    It was either bath salts or voodoo spell. The guy was religious right? You know demons or ghost can go in someone’s body and control them. The guy wasn’t a zombie he was something similar to zombie maybe possessed guy or druged guy with bath salts. But I also heard other cases that are similar to that Miami’s zombie in New Orleans, New jersey, Texas, Maryland, Japan, and Canada.
    But I think the goverment is behind this because they are trying to get rid of population, what the hell is in area 51, what hell is under Colorado’s airport? Why is there a group of a army named U.W.S.O trying to stop government’s plans. Why did I hear a guy scream the government is trying to kill us like a week ago? Its either government or voodo or drugs or even riabbies

  • Richard

    Let us take a look at reality. Drugs or pharmaceuticals for instance were developed to alter one or more states of the human condition. Every drug on the market will produce one of three responses. 1. A positive physiological response. 2. A negative physiological response. or, 3. no physiological response. The theory behind any drug, pharmaceutical or hormone is to elicit a desired physiological response. The fact is that drugs or pharmaceuticals are developed with a purpose in mind. When a scientist sets out to create a new “drug” or “virus” they have a desired result which they are looking for. This response or result may not be what we as individuals desire. A perfect example is the combining of H1N1 and the Avian Flu virus. Why did they create or combine the two. Their answer was simply to see IF it could be done. Well evidently it can.
    Now as for the theory of a zombie having to die and be re-animated or brought back to life. I personally do not believe that this is within the human capabilities. Creation of zombie characteristics however are much easier to attain. Taking control of ones brain is as simple as messing with the homeostasis of the human body. If you are a scientist and you set out to achieve the “zombie like” characteristics it is just a matter of finding the right trigger mechanism within the human body. Another example is a female taking large amounts of growth hormone or testosterone. That female will eventually build a muscular structure very similar to that of a man, She may even grow a beard due to the altering of her hormone levels. The same can be said for a man taking feminizing hormones, that man can eventually grow breasts and looses muscle mass and so on. If in fact these examples are true, AND THEY ARE, then is it really IGNORANCE to contemplate the possibilities?
    It is my personal opinion that this new “drug” was indeed created with a purpose in mind. What the purpose is specifically I have no idea.

    • Erica M

      I completely agree.

  • Erica M

    I think that this is just plain silly. I mean c’mon, if they thought a zombie apocalypse why didn’t they make a big deal out of this like the people had done al long time ago? If the world were to end in 2012 how come its not s huge deal??

    • Megan C.

      i agree with you everything just seems to be happening in 2012 these lies are all just stupid to me.

      • Erica M

        I know. Its just plain stupid!