Zoe Saldana Considers Buying A New Pair of Breasts

    December 25, 2013
    Jasmine Allen
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In an interview with Lucky magazine’s 2014 issue, 35-year-old Zoe Saldana mentions how she wouldn’t mind enhancing her chest.

Saldana is already a stunning Latina actress admired on the big screen for her roles in action films like “Colombiana” and “Avatar.” However, the actress is secretly infatuated with having larger breasts.

In 2011, Saldana first mentioned her obsession in an interview with Lifetime TV network, but in this exclusive interview she makes it clear that her desire for a better bust is not to please anyone in particular but herself.

“You always want what you don’t have. My whole life I’ve been obsessed with breasts. I love them. I don’t like fake things, but I wouldn’t mind buying myself a pair before I die. When I hear men says, ‘I don’t want droopy breasts, I think, I’m sorry, you’re not really a man. A man likes a woman as she is. You know when you meet a real man from the way he talks about a woman. You just go, ‘Wow, you’re a man’.”

Obviously Saldana admires men who accept women for who they are, but does she accept her own self?

According to the Daily Mail, Saldana mentions to Lucky magazine how she feels confident with or without a larger set of breasts.

‘I like looking strong. I don’t need someone to open the door for me. I can open a jar! For some reason, dressing very delicately brings out a fragility that compels people to help you and, I don’t like it,’ the actress said during the interview.

Some fans on Twitter aren’t too fond of the idea, but Saldana has mentioned before that she doesn’t persecute women for wanting to take the surgical route.

Saldana’s upcoming projects for 2014 include the summer release of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and the biopic of Nina Simone.

Maybe next year will also be the year for the actress to start on a breast implant project.


Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • sheesh

    Two new pair would be four breasts. Where will she place four??

    • http://yahoo Sturgeon’s Law

      Yep, exactly my first thought. I guess she wants to one-up that three-boobed hooker from Total Recall.

  • Raymond

    Is she crazy! Her small breast look great on her small body. Why buy breast that she will not be happy with for the rest of her life? Maintaining her store bought breast is a MF.

  • ANT


  • http://aol nomdefaitour

    At 35 it’s a bit over-the-hill to bother with anyway. I’d start thinking about a face lift if I were her.

  • emily goodall

    I hear Wal-Mart’s got a killer sale on breasts this week!


    I would have to closely examine her breast to render my opinion. Happy to help. Call me!

  • Joe

    “Two new pair of breasts”? Hey Jasmine Allen (the writer of this article), did you know that means 4 breasts? Duuuuhhhh!

    • http://www.thriftingandthriving.com/ Jasmine Allen

      Ha ha ! I wrote this article late last night. I just caught that. Thanks and Merry Christmas!! :)

  • uglybob

    Do Not mess with perfection!!Zoe is absolutely perfect as she is.Any enhancement would detract from her beautiful face and body.

  • sam snead

    I think she is gorgeous the way she is, maybe she should gain a toned 5lbs first and then decide

  • Joss

    According to estimates, 1 in 8 women in the U.S. will be diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014. IMO, a great pair of breasts are those that are tumor-free.

    • Cornstock

      The 1 out of 8 women that you are referring to is the number of women that will face breast cancer in their lifetime. In a given year it is much lower—about 232,000 new cases per year in the United States. Either way, it’s a very prevalent disease.

  • Hab

    Two new pair eh? Must be for an alien movie role!

  • rick

    She looks great and perfect as is! I hope she does not go through with it, even though it is her choice. She is a wonderful actress as well. Merry Christmas to everyone!

  • Joe

    It would a shame for her to change her breast. They’re absolute perfection as they are.

  • Key West Rosie

    Please don’t do it! You are beautiful just the way you are! Bigger boobs will not attract a soulmate.
    Happy Holidays!

  • Eric Saxx

    Zoe is Dominican like I am and I am married to a beautiful latina who was as flat chested as Zoe. I am a breast man and luckily her boobs have grown now that she has gotten older and had our son. Zoe needs to first try child birth because it seems like her biological clock should be going off. Then see if she needs a boob job.

    • Soprano

      Luckily? Luckily or what? And if her breasts hadn’t grown?

  • pedro fernandez

    She better do so if she wants to keep playing Uhura as she ages, and need some butt help as well!

  • Jill love

    Celebrities are behind all those cosmetic procedures. Both non-surgical and surgical. Women of all ages look to enhance their breasts by increasing their size and shape to make them more beautiful and/or to increase their confidence and quality of life. I was flat as board in my teens. I did my implants when i came out of my high school. Deciding upon the size required was really tough. But My doc, DR.Mclean, Toronto really helped me with that.