Zlatan Ibrahimovic Disses US Soccer Team, Says They’re “A Big Joke”

    June 18, 2014
    Val Powell
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Zlatan Ibrahimovic may not be taking part in the World Cup, but that doesn’t mean that he’ll stay quiet during the whole tournament.

Ibrahimovic, a Paris Saint-Germain striker, is taking a short vacation in Los Angeles, and someone from gossip website TMZ spotted him getting out of Boa Steakhouse and conducted a short interview with him.

He was not happy about being stopped on the street just so he could be asked about his thoughts about the World Cup. When asked about his opinion regarding Landon Donovan not being included in Jurgen Klinsmann’s team for the World Cup, he responded with, “It’s his problem.”

The 32-year old was then again asked by the reporter about who he thinks will win the World Cup. The Swedish striker answered with, “The US.” The reporter responded by asking Ibrahimovic if that was a joke, to which he answered, “A big joke.”

His team was not able to enter the top 32 teams and make it to the World Cup this year.

For someone who has said that soccer in the US is “very interesting,” he might need to be more careful about what he says if he is thinking about playing for the country. It is well known that the forward is very outspoken, and this will not really gain him a lot of fans.

Let’s give Ibrahimovic the benefit of the doubt. The interview was done right before US won over Ghana and let’s face it, TMZ might have interfered with a lovely evening for the Swedish-born striker.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a striker for Paris Saint-Germain and is also the captain for the Swedish national team. In the late 1990s, Ibrahimovic started his career with Malmö FF, prior to being signed by Ajax. His playing style has been compared to Marco van Basten, a Dutch legend. He is regarded as one of the best finishers in football and is considered one of the best footballers of his generation.

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  • ray

    Tell you what there Val, you better stick to visual arts, whatever that is. Ibrahimovic only said that he joked about the US winning the world cup, not that the US team was a joke. It is not true that Sweden was “not able” to enter the final 32 team tournament, they did not qualify. A rather big difference.

  • David M.

    Friggin’ media….if you are going to report something, MAKE SURE YOU GET IT RIGHT!!!. He never said that the U.S was a “big joke”, he said the U.S winning the World Cup was a big joke. Something Juergen Klinnsman has even said himself and something that is realistic. That of course is right after you ask the guy about his thoughts NOT being there himself. Of course that would piss him off. Would piss anyone off. He’s obviously a butt hole, but at least get the CONTEXT OF HIS COMMENTS RIGHT!

  • TacoKid

    This article is a BIG JOKE. After being asked who would win the World Cup he said the US. When asked the follow up question of “Was that a joke?” he responded with “A big joke”.

    Completely misleading headline. Mission accomplished.

  • http://www.sawcreatives.com Stephen Weber

    You should be ashamed of yourself misquoting someone that badly. Clearly he was messing around, nor did he call the team a joke. Please stop writing.

  • illiad44

    not sure why anyone listens to this washed-up foreign faggot opinion..he’s a loser, just ask his last GF..she named him “tiny tim”.

    • enusmith

      illiad44 you are a homophobic idiot.

    • guest

      You are actually the dumbest person I have seen on this comments section. Do you actually think that Zlatan is washed up. He is a top 3 or 4 striker in the world and he plays for PSG you are seriously just stupid and you are a good example of why people laugh at Americans when it comes to soccer.

    • Dav Mav

      Washed up? Watch the video at the end of the article you faggot with a foreign name

    • Joe

      iliad is a foreign faggot with that name he has.

  • Todd

    We are making significant progress. We beat Mexico and they just tied Brazil.

    • Tadas

      yeah, media made Ibra comment a joke to attract public reaction. What about USA football, it can be new brand of football, but need lots of lots of improve in next 15 – 20 years, they lack of sharp, aggressive, speed and many other things, but creativity and ideas sometimes are very attractive

  • Eva Argento

    Stop the madness of mis-interpreting his sarcasm. Unbelievable… many “news” outlets are just repeat the TMZ headline like idiots. Zlatan is actually a fan of the MLS and last month was praising the future of US soccer as he is considering coming to the States to play after his current club contract is completed.

  • Joe Urban

    Boy am I stupid. I just wasted my time reading a nonsense article.

  • markchapulin

    Misleading headline. He didn’t say the team was a joke, he said he was joking when he said they would win the cup. Completely different. The author is a click-farming LIAR!!!!

  • Kev

    wouldn’t judge him too hard, he might have been drunk too! but it does ask the questio about the World Cup qualifiers, how are Sweden, Poland, Turkey out and Algeria, America qualified?

  • Cletus

    Somebody’s jealous.

  • Mark Gonzales

    Onyewu beat the shit out of him. Ibrahimovic is still bitter about that of course.

    He’ll never play in a World Cup either. Fool.

  • Walter28

    How does this guy play for Sweden? Shouldn’t he play for Croatia or Bosnia? Or is that how rich countries build their teams? — they entice people from the Third World to spawn soccer players in their countries, so their own native sons don’t have to get their hands dirty. The gentrification of FIFA. “Ja! Zlatan är Svierge. Vi kommer att titta på från åskådarplats!” That shouldn’t be legal. Soccer Vikings raiding & pillaging the Balkans to feed their filthy FIFA habit.