Zion Baby Missing – Mother’s Boyfriend Charged

    August 24, 2013
    Courtney Wills
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Joshua Summeries, a 5-month-old baby from the Chicago suburb of Zion, is now believed to be dead. Known across the world since Wednesday as the “Zion Baby,” little Joshua’s disappearance has garnered the attention, and help, of hundreds of police officers in the Chicago area.

On Wednesday morning, just before 8:00 a.m., Summeries’ mother called 911 to report that her infant son had been kidnapped. She gave no indication at that time of anyone she thought was involved. She later told police that the infant was crying around 5:00 that morning, and her boyfriend, Demetries Thorpe, said he would handle it. According to the child’s mother, Thorpe came back later and told her that Joshua had been kidnapped. They argued when she asked him why he didn’t call the police, and he ran from the apartment.

Upon their initial search of the residence, investigators reported that they “found some evidence to believe that the baby’s disappearance was suspicious.” From the beginning, Thorpe was investigators’ only suspect, and was apprehended walking around a nearby neighborhood later on Wednesday.

By Friday, Police had still released only a few details since beginning their investigation, instead, updating the case and questions via their Facebook page. Zion Police Chief Wayne Brooks kept the page updated, asking area residents on Wednesday to “conduct a detailed search of their own property and specifically their garbage cans.” Brooks elaborated on suggesting garbage cans, “as they are an obvious place to dispose or hide anything of evidentiary value.”

Police officers, at least fifty on the scene with ‘two nationally-recognized and highly-trained search dogs,’ searched through a 330-acre landfill on Green Bay Road in Zion on Friday. The landfill owner said that the officers began searching around 7:30 a.m. As of Friday evening, no evidence of Joshua had yet been recovered.

Today, after three days of searching, police finally released why they had held Thorpe in custody for the past two days.

After three days of questioning, investigators finally learned what they needed to know from Thorpe; they held a press conference on Saturday, at which time they announced that Demetries Thorpe, the 26-year-old boyfriend of Joshua’s mother, had been charged with the infant’s murder. He was to be placed on $5 million bail.

Over the course of Thorpe’s questioning since his arrest on Wednesday, he allegedly confessed to investigators that he had suffocated the crying child for approximately fifteen to thirty seconds with his hand over the boy’s mouth on the day of the “kidnapping.” When Joshua did not cry any longer, he put the baby’s body into a backpack, and dropped it from a window. Thorpe’s confession of the details recounting his disposal of Summeries’ body align with those caught on a nearby surveillance camera; footage shows Thorpe, with a backpack, walking to a nearby dumpster that was about to be emptied. After the garbage truck proceeds to empty the trash and leave the waste bin, Thorpe is seen walking away without the backpack.

There has not been any word yet on whether Joshua has been found. The baby’s mother is believed to have not known anything about the situation after being questioned by police. Joshua’s father was also interviewed and determined to be unaware of any details surrounding his son’s disappearance.

  • Debra Long

    Young mothers please be aware of these boyfriends. Here is this young girl with a 5 month old and a new boyfriend I’m sure she couldn’t have known him that long to trust him with her child there is too much happening there are stories in the news everyday about this sort of thing to not be careful concerning your kids with near strangers.

  • Ms. Otis

    How about we forget about the boyfriends and concentrate on rasing the children? Where is the father of the child in this situation? bring them into the world?

    • JellyBean

      I understand your comment, but the child’s biological father has nothing to do with who the mother lays up with and allows access to her child. The biological dad could be involved in the child’s life, but that has nothing to do with the mother’s choices, decisions, or intellect.

    • jenn jackskn

      From my understanding the mom and dad were recently divorced( 3 months). They have 3 other children together and the mom obviously didn’t know the boyfriend well enough. Its just such a shame poor baby may he rest in paradise

  • JellyBean

    Wait a minute, her 5 month old baby cries at 5am, the “boyfriend” says I’ll handle it, and SHE LETS HIM. The boyfriend comes back LATER and tells her her baby has been kidnapped? How much later? The 911 call was not placed until around 8am? What were they doing for the 3 hours in between? Why would this chick let a boyfriend go check on HER baby? Why did she not get up off her azz & go see about HER OWN CHILD? Call it whatever you want but something’s not right. What is it with these young women allowing boyfriend strangers access to their children? With all these tragic stories all over the news, have they not learned anything yet from other’s mistakes? Or is having a male to lay up with that important or that serious? There are too many psychos out here, male & female to just trust your child with anyone. Wake the hell up!

  • http://WebProNews Diane

    A lot of women having babies (hoping) that the fathers’ will stick around & when they don’t…they find another man to stick their faces’ up their asses and forget their babies and kids. Mr. Asshole
    didn’t give a shit about that baby boy. That momma should be locked up too for being stupid and child neglect.

  • renee

    Can we make a law to require moms to be MOMS and not girlfriends until at least the child is 5 yrs of age??! I know, wishful thinking. Or how about giving child up for adoption? Better yet, USE BIRTH CONTROL!

  • laurie hanson

    here we go again !whats wrong with this picture?another baby suffers ..they keep having babies they don’t even want, but yet me and my husband have to limit our family size to 2 because that’s all we can afford .but yet we HAVE WORKED OUR WHOLE LIVES!the whole system sucks