Zillow, Newspapers Form Huge Advertising Network

    September 8, 2008

Real estate experts seem to appreciate the news regarding Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – it looks like the industry is receiving a huge boost.  Now, specialists in real estate advertising may also have something to cheer, as Zillow and a large collection of newspapers have signed an agreement.

Advertisers dealing with any of 282 newspapers are gaining the ability to access Zillow’s inventory.  Zillow advertisers, meanwhile, will be able to explore opportunities on the newspaper consortium’s side of things.  Since Zillow possesses a national monthly audience of around five million people, exposure to the consortium’s 58 million visitors represents a big win for the real estate site.

Lincoln Millstein
  Lincoln Millstein

The newspaper folks are happy, too, with Lincoln Millstein, the senior vice president of Hearst Newspapers, stating, "This partnership allows advertisers with our papers to reach not only local real estate consumers who live in particular markets, but also consumers who may be moving to particular markets, via their searches on Zillow.com."

He then continued, "This is a significant opportunity for advertisers to target a very large number of consumers on the verge of major home-related commerce."  Think furniture and appliance sales, for starters.

If any money changed hands as this agreement was forged, neither side’s discussing it, and time limits or expiration dates also seem to be of little concern.