Zillow Adds Houses, Improves Accuracy

    January 10, 2008

When ridiculously large financial figures get tossed about, I like to think of them in terms of houses.  As in: would I rather own my own small county or a faltering tech company?  But with Zillow being what it is, figures usually come in house form, anyway, and the freshest news relates to a whopping 10 million homes.

That’s how many houses were added to Zillow’s database, according to the company.  "Zestimate values are now available on three out of four U.S. homes, or 67 million, up 68 percent from when Zillow launched in 2006," an official release states.Zillow Adds Houses, Improves Accuracy

Your results may vary – around Lexington, Kentucky, the ratio seemed to be considerably smaller (though the area in which I looked is, to be fair, pretty fresh construction).  Still, the sheer number of houses added is quite impressive.

Other improvements to Zillow relate to the accuracy of its algorithm (a supposed 12 percent increase) and the adoption of a real estate listings data standard.  That last item might not sound too exciting, but it will allow professional users to more easily switch between Zillow, Yahoo Real Estate, and Trulia, among several other relevant sites.

I’ll direct a hat tip to Erick Schonfeld, then, and return to thoughts of County Caverly.